Saturday , January 16 2021
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Demonstrations continue across U.S. ahead of George Floyd's funeral in Houston | USA TODAY

Millions of Americans have gathered in cities large and small in recent days to denounce police brutality and racial bias in response to the Memorial Day death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who was pinned to the ground by Minneapolis police officers after being accused of passing a fake $20 bill at a grocery store.

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Floyd’s funeral is set for Tuesday in his childhood hometown of Houston. Over the past week, memorial services have been held in Minneapolis and Fayetteville, North Carolina, where he was born.

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    Put the guns in your own hands! Shoot the cops first before they shoot you to make it fair justice!
    Don't vote racist Trump in November to get your freedom.. brothers!

  3. Gangsters takes advantage of it to violate law and order.

  4. Pandering to low IQ activists is a fast track to anarchy. BLM is a disgrace.

  5. 13th Amendment : To abolish slavery
    100% support from Republicans
    23% support from Democrats

    14th Amendment : Citizenship for freedslaves
    94% support from Republicans
    0% support from Democrats.

    15th Amendment : Black's the right to vote.
    100% support from Republicans
    0% support from Democrats

    Me thinks the black people are being conned by the party of racism. The Demoncrats. That's why they try to wipe out history….

  6. If the United States saw what the United States did in the United States, the United States would invade the United States to free the United States from the United States

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  8. People are just making their future life not good at all…!! Go fight China, instead of fighting each other


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  10. You're all just as foolish as I am. They go to a persons funeral who had both methamphetamine and fentanyl in his blood on the day he died by police brutality and celebrate his life. They celebrate his ephemeral life in Church while ignoring the probability that he was lost and will not enter heaven. I don't think anyone including myself can abuse drugs and pass off counterfeit bills and say we have surrendered our lives to Christ. What are you celebrating you morons are you celebrating his eternal life separated from God? I hope no one celebrates my life unless I surrender to Christ before I die. If I die lost I hope you are weeping at my funeral because I died lost, you religious idiots better not celebrate my life.

  11. The blood thirsty usa government had invaded
    and toppled foreign governments and bombed and slaughtered more than 20
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    Hello from Yellows vests and Blacks Blocs from France.
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  13. blm is raceist. No parade when elderly are murdered in their homes….

  14. I want to care about George Floyd but after all of the lives lost in this riot I almost don't care. Mostly blacks were killed but not a dollar was donated to them by Hollywood.

  15. FPVD stock should be ready to blow up, body cam industry will be hooping with all of these protests

  16. Just think. If Floyd was a white man, none of this would have happened. Because only Black Lives Matter, apparently.

  17. As the details of what really happened before the camera was come out in a court of law, there's absolutely no way officer chauvin gets a fair trial!!!! I've never had a problem with law enforcement, you know why…. I've never gave them a reason to have me face down on the pavement!!!!!

  18. F🖕CK There Protest! All Lives Are Matters And Not Just Black People! Understand!

  19. I want to be part of this, i feel lonely at home. Freedom and Amen

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  22. Man… There is no choice… Every body fighting against racism….

  23. What are the demands of protesters??

  24. NOBODY cares about your protest!!! Keep your ass out of the road!!!

  25. brains are absolutely fucked up, one afroamerican accidentally died and all the others exploded. White dies everywhere and constantly – no one cares about them.

  26. 1500 missing kids ice lost why is this not also an issue

  27. Corona was a false??😭

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  30. Freedom and justice…service and protect.

  31. its our money and we decide weather our money should keep going to cops who are against the people and till this day dont know how to do their jobs its even gotten worse no more funding a department thats no good and only works for a few and not the people who pay their salaries and get away with everything we the people should decide where our money should be spent 18 complaints and no one fired the fool something wrong with that picture and we will not divide we will stay united till we see real justice for everyone in a so called democratic country in disguise


  33. Protester are their rights to record protest law is equal all black and white people the late Geroge glued left a big lesson for sack of humanities pay my sluit to George glued we are standing behind the Late G glued thanks

  34. There is no difference between black and white except with piety and good deeds of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace

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