Demonstrators nationwide peacefully protest the police beating of Tyre Nichols

Today’s marches followed nationwide protests on Friday night immediately after the video of police beating Tyre Nichols was released. In Memphis, demonstrators brought traffic to a standstill on Interstate 55 for hours as they continued to demand action and accountability. Memphis police announced it would permanently deactivate the Scorpion unit. The Shelby County sheriff also announced two deputies “have been relieved of duty,” pending an internal investigation based on their actions when they arrived at the scene with Nichols.

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  1. 000s are dying in the Ukraine and no talks on peace??? Tony Cuenca

  2. Did you see the out of shape, over weight one running , huffing and puffing like an old granny. hehe,hehe. I'm an old granny.

  3. Cruel and unusual punishment by officers

  4. I'm surprised this is still being talked about now that we know the five officers are black.

  5. Watching an angry mob of rioters is always entertaining

  6. I still can't believe white supremacy let this all happen in the first place. Let us not forget that

  7. Blocking the highway. That should cause some change.

  8. What a bunch of attention whores……. The cop that did this, is being prosecuted…… And he did no more to this poor soul, than any sane white person could expect should it take a wrong turn, end up in the ghetto, and all of a sudden the car breaks down….. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT……. So what is their issue? Asides from by and large they are simply one huge clusterfook of disgruntled lil' malcontented disgruntleings….

  9. Justice for Tyre 🇨🇦

  10. I don't understand why there's protests the point of a protest is to an end goal isn't it

    They're going to jail

    No I don't think jail works but it's a start

    Please don't be the very racist that you claim to fight against and burn down More minority own businesses

    Oh who am I kidding You guys are hypocrites you'll burn things because you don't think

    Neither will the rest of the country to think twice about shooting you if you try to burn down our communities again and we will not be remorseful for it

  11. Protesting to allow people to run and fight cops. Let's just allow criminals to run and go unpunished…

  12. Burners, looters, and murderers, ready to burn, loot, and murder again………….

  13. It only remained calm because it wasn’t white police officers 🙄. Stop the crap. Blacks didn’t riot because it was black officers. It doesn’t upset them enough. My race doesn’t care about black on black crime. Never did. But god help if it was a white officer. My race are plain old hypocrites. Just like fake BLM. Haven’t heard a peep from them. Just like you don’t when several young blacks are killed weekly here in Philly. Even sane black men know the media and BLM don’t care about anything but money. Young black kids killed don’t get clicks or advertisement money.

    It’s amazing that if white police or white people do a mass shooting it’s blasted for weeks on main stream media. But since this Memphis killing was all black on black, BLM and the media is sooo quiet. I mean not even a riot or protest here in Philly. Come on what’s fair is fair. BLM should have rioted again, right?? Hypocrites. Just like they are silent on black on black crime around the country. I guess the young people of my race don’t matter unless a white person killed them. 🙄

    And the Asian on Asian mass shootings in CA this month. Hardly any news coverage about the shooters and who they are. If it was a white guy it be non-stop world news. But Asian on Asian crime is ok in the eyes of our fake news media.

    As a black man I’m sick of the black on black crime not being covered or even mentioned in the so called news media. We have black on black mass shootings weekly here in Philly.

  14. Of course it's peaceful, the cops were black ! If they were white Memphis would be burning

  15. Here we go again. Killed while dark brown with a phone, subway sandwich, crossing the road…

    America where a dark brown man sleeping in a car is shot 16 times by police but a pink man waving a hammer is asked to put it down.

    Where a pink intruder breaks into someone's house, falls asleep in someone's bed and gently awakened by police and asked to leave.

    A global response to America's human rights abuses is well overdue.

  16. Jesus is coming soon! Luke 21:36
    1 Thessalonians 5:9, Romans 5:9, Revelation 3:10, 1 Thessalonians 1:10, Hebrews 9:28, TItus 2:13
    For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are but the beginning of the birth pains.” (Matthew 24:6-8)

  17. Fcu.k the Disingenuious Chief Davis.. She was already and fully aware of the nefariousness of these cops..

  18. We should have a national holiday for him.

  19. The department leadership shouldn't be excused for creating some fantasy superhero concept for law enforcement

    Those guys were absolutely way too hyped up from the lack of calming leadership

  20. "In 1955, the Los Angeles Police Department held a contest to find the best motto to describe the duties of their officers. 'To Protect and to Serve', submitted by Officer Joseph Dorobek, was the winner." "'To Protect and to Serve' became the official motto of the Police Academy, and it was kept constantly before the officers in training as the aim and purpose of their profession." Soon after, the popular motto was then adopted by law enforcement throughout the nation.

  21. This is terrible they deserve what they're going to get but Fentanyl is coming across the open border freely killing hundreds of young people everyday and NBC news says that's nothing about that


  23. Noticed BLM avoided yelling BLM when it’s black’s killing blacks

  24. One reason why to not let yourself get arrested. Meaning even if the cop is trying to arrest you its best not to allow them to. One reason once arrested you cant defend yourself from attack and could lead to your death. You are restrained. So even if you resist you still get killed. Damned if you do damned if you dont. Also it is only reasonable to not allow someone to restrain you and have an advantage over you even if they are the cops. Its a h8man vs another human. If the us goverment isnt mature enought to understand reality why do you follow it? Oh yeah cause if you dont they will use violence agaisnt you.

  25. Stop bringing your kids to these

  26. Nobody in Hawaii demonstrated, not our circus, not our monkies. Our cops are the best in the nation, as far as this is concerned. Watch the TMT arrests

  27. No riots cause cops wasn’t white 😂😂😂😂