Sunday , December 5 2021
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Dems are playing 'political chicken' during coronavirus pandemic: Charlie Hurt

Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt reacts to Nancy Pelosi lashing out at PBS’ Judy Woodruff during an interview where she suggested the anchor was a GOP advocate. #FoxNews

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  1. 34% are registered Democrats! Let's get the Facts right! Geese!

  2. The 2 things that protect Americans from them

  3. Get this Pelosi think she going to be the president last week she was saying ….what a joke

  4. OMG Pelosi is such an idiot ……. Term Limits!!! She's just an embarrassment to our USA !!

  5. Biden is a piece of crap and he knows that is true he is a racist look at the past i and the things that he has said & done Biden it's over for you Trump 20/20

  6. Democratic party wants to be the absolute power. Control . Ie communism.

  7. Now Republicans want to hand out money. Absolutely ridiculous πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ 🧐🧐🧐

  8. Why is the press always so harsh, God Bless President Trump, He is the Hardest Working, Loving and Most Honest President that I know of in 61 years and probably longer, but DEFIANTLY in my lifetime .. .. .. It's a terrible thing Obama and Biden did to him did to us We The People, Disturbed our life, for ever changed the course of history, only 2nd to THE VIRUS, and as Close as Joe Biden was to C.C.P, He probably helped C.C.P with that too, Maybe he's goofy from Guilt…. Know even but really I predict an embarrassing loss for him, Then the D.O.J will /should file serous charges on him and the entity's of the Obama Administration…

    It's not who's right it's whats right, Our absolutely ingenious President Trump, life changing and saving,

    No Kidding, Straight up, Reacherch and Varifi, This is A Real Notification, All is not well with all these Chinese masters, president xi jinping is facing challenges at home, the story begins with two P.L.A hawks two Chinese generals who have slammed the CCP Chinese leadership, They've written about their disappointment for xi jinping's aggressive foreign policy, they're calling for policy re-evaluation they've issued a warning a warning against quote unquote serious mistakes by CCP China one of these voices is major general chiao liang he's a retired air force major general a hawkish voice in china he's written a book called
    " "Unrestricted Warfare by chiao liang"" There is a free pdf of this, you'll have tp search for it YouTube Won't let me put up a link

    you may have heard about it

    a book on war in the modern era
    this book had suggestions on how china could become a global superpower one of the suggestions was to

    "" export a virus to create a pandemic""
    something like we've seen in the past few months

    it's a sinister strategy ,
    this man suggested it now he's written again ciao's latest message to xi jinping is this do not treat the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to take back taiwan by force


  10. Pelosi and Schumer Bonnie and blind it's a joke people are going to go off and they're going to go after these folks I'm telling you they're playing Russian roulette any ice cream pops that they're going to throw out the car or not going to cut it when their kids are starving and life is disrupted everybody has an hour clock and it's ticking it's not fair God has to come to take care of the evil ones that are destroying lives very sad

  11. Is it open season on Suing Lobbying Organizations now?

  12. Here we go again AMERICA the evil obstructionist Congress and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer at it again…..get ready to vote them out….now they don't want to help us again…..these two act more like dictators than americans.

  13. Just because they say it doesn't make it so.
    Don't pay attention to Liar's contriving connivers of deceit who bring you low.
    If they cheat, it will backfire on them.

  14. Where in all of this madness does the Constitution ride in on a big white horse to save the USA from the criminals that have had this country in their grasps for decades? Does the Constitution not trump all? Especially in the instance of anyone wanting to dissolve the NRA..WTH is going on?!

  15. Americans, PLEASE, email, call, txt, contact your Senators/Congress tell them you WANT IN PERSON VOTING. Tell them if they don't help you then you won't vote for them. Real simple, we DO have the power. CONTACT your Governor and the Attorney General of YOUR STATE – tell them the same thing. Do something or don't complain when you're unhappy in November.

  16. How much you wanna bet these jump fear buy guns people are gonna be a problem mid class never faced the world in the way its being pushed well. Like the heards mans left and tge wolfs are here people not set or used to survival mostly the snickers easy to spot especially with fb twitter dem followers and majority of people that think nothing matters but them how sobering this time mite be to the few that start paying attention and not only focusing on money but from all signs of mans ego this is realy not the case yet so what makes it worth argueing we don't need any more perswaysion from the mix yet were all people stop and realize this is war and ur not getting told tick tick tick ur life work flowing down the drain theres no one to be mad at just relizing that we are a group where the same country find ways to survive this black war is the most effecting us gun violence man works with help not fear sooner thats spread starving sobering dieing destroying the dna there made from and the same on mass scale for all we all c the non sense viking dert persisting from the east the evil grows the nothing grows go what the never ending story the Glob is broken

  17. πŸ‘οΈβ€πŸ—¨οΈ

  18. Since when does it have to make political sense for the dems to do it.


  20. Its what happens when you try to drain the swamp! The swamp gets pissy. Im sure Nancy And Joe Biden are wearing pampers!

  21. Honest truth. Pelosi and Schumer are the reason for the shutdown and lack of second stimulus payment.

  22. It makes no sense to the American people…..desolve the democrats and replace them with Keane west party

  23. Judy Woodruff has loved communism since Vietnam.

  24. Dems are not just going after the NRA and guns, they are trying to bring in a NewWorldOrder of control, with help of Geo Soros and gang. 'Order thru Chaos' is not working tho.

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