Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Dems' impeachment probe sends Trump 2020 donations skyrocketing

Fox News Contributor and former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer discusses how the impeachment inquiry into President Trump has affected Trump supporters.

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  1. man if you get kicked in the face that many times at some point the bubble is going to burst .i can't blame the president for being vulger or yeah whatever.frickin hell look what hes dealing with every day.🤷‍♂️

  2. Benghazi, benghazi, benghazi, tan suit, no suit jacket in the oval office, mustard on a burger?

  3. There is one point he said that stuck a lot trump campaign try to hold from the grassroots with people while democrats try to do from establishment to the group that itself speak volume who is with people

  4. Vote out democrats in every city End Sanctuary cities now!

  5. Listen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trump only puts tariffs on countries because it is easier to manage the bribes and kickbacks from the countries large industries and companies. Full Stop.

    Imagine the most corrupt person to ever live and what he would have to do to gain that title… and you have Trump.

  6. Remain strong President Trump! Before President Lincoln was inaugurated in 1861, THE DEMOCRATES in the southern states hated him so much that they pulled away from the United States because they wanted to continue with their way of plantation life and slavery which lead to the American Civil War. Our country is only 243 years old but still no one seems to know any of our history!

  7. Trump is a great president, Thank you

  8. Proof that the super rich are desperate to keep their tax cuts in place. Meanwhile, this admin is pushing the Fed to cut rates, print more money and weaken the dollar. His army of dotards are clueless idiots who have absolutely no idea what is happening right now.

  9. Sub to his texts and emails. Donald J Trump dot com

  10. I do not know if i am going to vote anymore though. the last one i voted for was Donald Trump. Now we are having elections again, Until my employment stops being messed with, and i stopped being put in this isolation demanding the only ones i have any association with is my family I just do not see any point in my ever voting again.

  11. The only thing the dems have done is handing trump the election on a silver plater and I see Nancy losing her re-election

  12. can't believe how low unemployment is right now. about 1% in Denver area, 3% overall. Thanks President Trump! 4 more years!

  13. It's okay for a US president to solicit help from a foreign country for your personal benefit if he is the chosen one!

  14. I'll not only be giving a bit as we get closer but I am thinking about volunteering in some aspect. I am a proud Independent that hates what I see going on here in our country right now…and I believe we ALL need to take action and ENSURE THE PROPER VOTE !! MAGA…

  15. Trump will be elected again. Send the Bidens and Clinton's to jail. Another political witch hunt by the left. The silent majority is watching this hearsay case. The president doesn't have to comply with the subpoena. The Democrats will suffer in 2020. Welcome to President Trump's new world order respect for the law and order. Send the illegals back including Hazelton Pennsylvania plagued with crime and illegals.

  16. It's a shame so many people could be so willfully ignorant

  17. the hammer is ready to fall, believe me its comming

  18. Elections are a 1 man 1 vote system. It puts power in the hands of the people so every man has some power to vote a corrupt government out. However, population numbers matter. Take in too many refugees n they could outnumber and outvote you. They reproduce too. Worse if they are terrorists disguised as refugees… They can infiltrate your government by voting themselves in. Deport refugees, force their home nation to care for their own.

  19. The fake news is trying to tic off the President so they can say he not a happy president get real fake news

  20. The constant attacks on President Trump will backfire……….. I'm gonna vote for him cause I'm tired of the dems( and I'm a dem) criticizing everything this man does or says and I'm sick of it , they are so many other things the dems could be doing

  21. what is impeachment for do they have 100% evidence??

  22. The elites (including Ari's former boss) hate the idea of popular sovereignty.

  23. Yes most donors love President Trump while others really despise Democrats which I can't blame them. So anyone who is willing to take on Democrats and the far left will have a army of people ready to fight with them. President Trump is good at tapping into that ..

  24. Ask the dems running for president..would be be like Trump and not take a penny for being President and give it all to charity like he does?

  25. A billionaire who gets $400k+ a year for being president + $30 million+ from his businesses needs donations from his plebian supporters, LAWL. Greatest joke yet. You go Trump, drain those dumbasses of their wallets. :3

  26. How long are the democrats going to drag this on? For fucks sake….this is just getting old now. I'll be voting for him because I've had enough of the left and their 'progressive-ideology' . They have made it very clear that they despise the values of the nation.

    They only care about illegals, not the citizens.

  27. The few moderates left in the democratic party are getting tired of all the radical leftists that have taken over the party!

  28. I LOVE this man. God bless Prez Trump!

  29. Liberals are SO stupid. Bullet sales are WAY up! I'm selling and buying!

  30. Show me the man, we'll find you the crime." KGB saying
    Show me the man, we'll find you the crime." Democrat saying

  31. Lock him up. Ok that is funny

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