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Dems move closer to historic 2nd impeachment against Trump l GMA

Nancy Pelosi is ramping up pressure for Pence to invoke the 25th amendment and immediately remove the president from office or else the House will move to impeach.

Melania Trump casts herself as a victim in 1st statement on Capitol siege:

#ABCNews #CapitolRiots #Trump #Impeachment

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. He already impeached prisoners now he committed a crime and his children I think the crime was murder he was like an accessory and he wants to be impeached and his kids if the government lets them get away with murder I'll never trust the government

  2. The chickens come home to roost. 🔥🐔
    America is supporting insurrection all over the world. From the middle east to South America.what goes around comes around. 🇺🇸 🚮 🇺🇸 🚽

  3. Watching this from down under I’m appalled by all of this, I don’t now how dumb you think people are, but I know you have little regard for them.
    I can tell you one thing, the White House wouldn’t be white if your Antica mob had full access, that’s for sure.
    For me its crystal clear, the whole thing, it’s been exceptionally well coordinated and executed, no doubt.
    I also think you may have over played it due to your frenzy.
    We will know soon enough.
    BTW, did you catch Michael Beller’s ripper speech on Project Veritas, for me, that explains much of what has been playing out.

  4. One 1/2 bnllshit One 1/2 piss mix vigorously and you get the news !

  5. Election stolen by the elites .

  6. Where's your laptop Nancy? Your looking disheveled. The world is going to be in for a big surprise. You can smell the desperation.

  7. HYPOCRITE!! Y’all better be scared of ol Kamala! #hideYourUnbornBabiesToo (supports BLM which is sister movement of Antifa) (it’s the police that are violent she says)

  8. 222 Democrat voters
    211 Republican voters

    All voting right now to impeach Trump.
    This is going to end in Trumps impeachment unless 12 Democrats at least grow a sense of morality. I doubt the Democrats will realize that they are the ones responsible for the anger of the nations people. This impeachment will never be forgotten and this move will be a mistake they will wish they’ve never done.

  9. Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer etal: America we will impeach trump. It was not easy choosing between helping millions of Americans during the COVID crises or impeachment. Pelosi suggested we turn the choice into a game but when she suggested “Truth or Dare” we voted her down. Democracy at work. Besides no one wanted to see pelosi naked. Instead we drew sticks. America! U can rest easy as the impeachment won out.

  10. NO UNITY!

  11. For nearly a year, the country watch Dem Congress-members support, fundraise, & bail-out rioters, looters, burners, & killers. I.e. Kamala Harris said the rioters should not stop rioting! Yet, they weren't censored or impeached. Trump said Protest Peacefully & 99% did. The 1% that rioted already had plans to do so. Double Standards. As a result, Impeachment will become the Norm.

  12. Why try to impeach him when he is supposedly going to leave office already? Hmmm

  13. Republicans will vote with Democrats to impeach Trump. So let it be written. So let it be done.

  14. Dear Mr. Biden, do not change Trump's and America's policy in the Middle East, do not repeat Obama's destructive policy for the Middle East, Obama supported the extreme right in the Arab countries and many countries have been destroyed, do not want to repeat Obama's policy, we deserve a better life without extremism as America deserves Better, dear Biden, do not have his puppet in Obama’s hand and the mistake is repeated again. We are proud Arabs and we do not have sectarian problems, but Iran and Turkey forbid hatred and violence, the Islamic extremist right will kill us after that will come to kill you, dear Biden, do not have his doll in Obama’s hand Idiot

  15. This American election was definitely illigitimate. An election that is allowed to be done massively at distance through the postal system cannot be legitimate.

    In an economic context where many people are under the menace of beeing evicted from their housing or have little money to eat, or considering that some people are junkies, do you think that their ballot had a greater democratic value than an economic value? I'm sure many people in need would have gladly exchange their signed ballot for a couple hundred dollards. To me this render this election completely illegitimate.

    You cannot do an election at distance. It has to be done in person with proper identification papers. This type of election is equivalent to an election where proper identification was not required. It's non sens.

    If this election could not be done properly, it should have been delayed. They knew a vaccin was coming soon. So they should have delayed the election until, let say, the spring and stretch the election day over maybe a week or a month. People could have voted in person, with identifications, according to a certain order, by date of birth for example, or by alphabetical order. Being stretch over a longer period would have allowed secure sanitary covid procedures for that election. They have improvised and butched the election and because of it they have lost the convidence of a large proportion of the population.

    As for the problem of the violence, it stem mainly not from Trump but from the attitude of certain media and the left political wing. The fake news have a very divisive impact on the population by continuously discrediting Trump and his supporters.

    There have not been one day in 4 years where CNN, for example, have not bash Trump. Nobody can be that bad. It's not called fake news for nothing. It's not news, it's political endoctrination right in your living room. CNN is an extension of the democrat party, it's an organ of the democrat party extending in your home. It's not objective news, it's bias opinion. And 4 years of that bashing have created a feeling of unfairness, and a lot of anger in some of the population.

    According to some media and the left politicians, the Trump supporters are a bunch of idiots and deplorables. Instead of listening to more than twice the population of Canada (74 millions votes for Trump) they simply dismissed the legitimate questioning of those people. They should have had a congress hearing on the legitimacy of an election at distance. Maybe the population would have had the impression that they had been listened to and there would not have been that much violence.

    The media and politicians should stop passing judgment, calling names and discrediting people who don't think like them. They should discuss ideas objectively and with fairness. That would create less division and anger. I think the attitude of the fake news media and the left wing politicians are responsible for the anger that manifested this week at the capitol. They should take the blame because they are responsible for it, and so is anyone who support this kind of discourse.

    In a democratic society, Trump had the right to believe that the election was not fair and he had the right to ask his followers to manifest their discontent peacefully. Refusing that basic democratic right to Trump and his followers is what can be associated to a controling regime.

    Democracy is not threatened by dissent, it is threatened by censorship. The manifestations did not degenerated because of Trump. It degenerated because of the denigrating attitude of the lefties and the falsehoods conveyed by the media. Democracy has never been in danger by the complaints of Trump. That is false.

    Democracy has been put in danger by a butched election and the censorship of the media and the false righteous lefties. If you don't want violence in the futur, stop bashing and start listening and discussing ideas objectively.

    You want a strong democracy, then start acting democratically. And bias fake news like CNN should change their approach for a more objective and fair one. They are a big cause of what have happened.


  17. PENCE is weak he wont do it

  18. DEMS will never succeed in convicting Trump. All attempts are driven by fear, paranoid, prejudice and hatred.

  19. Are we electing the band the "who" ,listen to their songs,a heart felt care but yeah,this IS serious gentlemen.

  20. Can I ask why it is so difficult to just arrest him why do we have to follow protocol when he clearly disrespected the USA government smh it’s crazy that they are even conversing about this I agree with Nacy Palozi

  21. If the Democrats succeed in removing President Trump from Office prematurely
    there will follow a Week of Civilian Violence the likes of which have not been witnessed
    at any time in recorded history.

  22. This is just very disrespectful. Trump needs to be impeached immediately.


  24. 'fight like hell' is not he same as creating violence. this is preplanned corruption. they just want to use biden as the peace maker when he is too asleep to even care what is going on

  25. why do they keep using the term trump supporters. they are just actors and trained thugs hired to put on a show. you can tell how desperate the media is when they start using the same terms over an over again

  26. trump is beyond embarrassment he couldn't care less. this news is rehearsed propaganda/ no one is in a state of shock, this is all fake news used to create false emotions. it aint gona work.

  27. Trump needs to admit to his base that he lied all along about a "rigged" Election. How much did he screw them out of? $3-4000,000,000?

  28. 2nd impeachment?
    If you've been "impeached" before, how did this not follow thru with the rules?
    Oh, attempt failed. Acquitted from charges Feb. 5, 2020.
    There has not been a first impeachment……….
    The words "2nd impeachment " are MISLEADING. 2nd attempt is more appropriate.
    Where is the TRUTH in your reporting? Make yourself seem untrustworthy.
    This is probably more on the personal side with Pelosi because Trump called her names and wouldn't shake her hand.

  29. All American proletarian gangsters will unit together to create a equal society, where wealth is distributed very evenly.

  30. Nancy and her minions will all drown under the tide of the global populist movement.


  32. What a WASTE of US tax dollars and time? <= This is free speech

  33. Sorry looney palosey and adam shifty eyes need 17 Republicans on side to waste taxpayers money go after people damn demos waste money and getting no chicks look at that look at that I don't want my M tv no more since don't have music videos lol……

  34. Did you think there was no God? Soon you will realize that God is alive in despair.
    – a South Korean-
    Psalms 9

    15. The heathen are sunk down in the pit [that] they made: in the net which they hid is their own foot taken.
    16. The LORD is known [by] the judgment [which] he executeth: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. Higgaion. Selah.
    17. The wicked shall be turned into hell, [and] all the nations that forget God.
    18. For the needy shall not alway be forgotten: the expectation of the poor shall [not] perish for ever.
    19. Arise, O LORD; let not man prevail: let the heathen be judged in thy sight.
    20. Put them in fear, O LORD: [that] the nations may know themselves [to be but] men. Selah.

  35. So, the senate does not convene until Jan 19th. First there would be the articles read and discussion. Over the next few days there would be debate. Finally, more than a week later they need to vote and get 2/3 vote which they will need the republicans to vote for it which will not happen which would likely be in February . However, Trump is gone on Jan 20th, so what exactly is the point here? It seems a lot of people are having trouble with their math.

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