Tuesday , October 26 2021
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Dems moved on impeachment before Mueller submitted report: Court docs

According to new court documents, Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee have been carrying out an impeachment investigation of President Trump since before Mueller’s report was submitted. Former Trump 2016 campaign manager Corey Lewandowski reacts to the new court documents.

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  1. What the hell???? I am fuming mad about this!!!! And here I though an 18 year old girl who wanted to impeach him before he was in office was ridiculous!

  2. Nothing will happen. Wake up people.

  3. 2020 sure for our best president nothing can stop him from winning.. haters stay away please

  4. Keep it up Dems. Your helping with the re-election of trump. Thanks for the help

  5. They should be fined and made to pay back the people at the very least.

  6. Soon all the dems will be gone

  7. The Penguin is evil and corrupt…..Voters who actually want this nonsense of attacking Trump are no better.

  8. president trump was duly elected. president obama was not born in the united states.

  9. He needs to be removed from office. And tried for treason. Attempting a coup if a sitting president.

  10. This is not news. Dam really. You are telling us what we already know. Dam move on with something more useful

  11. Donald Trump is from Queens New York first and foremost when someone tell you from Queens New York what one have to lose that mean they've been watching everything

  12. Yea, we've known this for 2 FRIGGEN years!! Repeat, spit, repeat!! I'm sick of it!

  13. At least Donald Trump is saying that we all are Americans this what I like about this president

  14. Racism nationalism and white supremacy and they have black folks right in the middle of this unbelievable

  15. The only way justice will be served is if the American people who are outraged by the actions of congress, starts clogging the streets with protests and start civil unrest…NO JUSTICE NO PEACE…until we grow balls to stand together and do something about it, nothing will get done…America is on the verge of being hijacked by a handful of tyrants….

  16. It's like they want Trump to win in 2020.

  17. Some democrats ran for Congress in 2018 saying that they would impeach Trump. It was always about politics and never about facts. The have Trump derangement syndrome and they’ll do anything to get him out of office except run on sane policies or nominate anybody other than a crazy clown.

  18. Nadler as to resign now.Not tomorrow…now.

  19. They're still going for impeachment? For what? Saying mean words and actually doing stuff for us who are sick of these Dixiecrats who disguises themselves as for the people including people of color??? Hello?!

  20. Who gives a flying F#%k! PEOPLE! We all need to,wake up and clean house at the next couple elections! The future of our children and grandchildren depends on it!

  21. Of course the upper west side would be incredibly left-wing. It's the elitist wing of New York. I know cops on the beat in that area and they always tell me hysterical stories of the things you all call them for.
    What a bunch of detached idiots.

  22. Nadler is a louse and a weasel. A member of the Dingaling Dynasty.

  23. There has to be something to be done about this TREASON. Where is Bill Barr on this.

  24. Funny Dems believe trump will win the 2020 election so they are trying to impeach him now. If dems truly believed trump wasn't a threat in 2020 they wouldn't be worrying about impeachment.

  25. I can't sit quietly….while FOX News lies, again. The American people all heard Robert Mueller say that he 'could not exonerate Trump' of crimes. The only people who didn't hear that, were people who only watch FOX News….and therefore didn't actually see Mueller actually say that. All of Trump's old staff are already in jail. I can't wait rill this Lewendowsky is behind bars…lijke all the rest of Trump's cronies. Anyone who still supports our 'Liar-in-chief', hopefully will eventually be put behind bars.

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