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Denise Austin: Ultimate Fat Burner Complete Weight Loss Workout- Full Series

Denise Austin: Ultimate Fat Burner Complete Weight Loss Workout is an intense 45-minute fat burning workout that challenges the body through a variety of interval sports training exercises from basketball, skiing, skating, kickboxing, and core training to boost your metabolism, build endurance, sculpt muscle and melt away fat for total body results. The secret to this balanced routine is that it constantly changes intensity levels to keep the heart rate at its most efficient levels to create maximum results in a minimum amount of time. Ignite your weight loss potential and enhance functional strength with America’s Favorite Fitness Expert, Denise Austin in this result-driven, full workout series from her popular “Ultimate Fat Burner” Fitness DVD. Train like a pro athlete as you navigate through effective sports drills and interval circuits to improve balance, coordination and stamina as you activate the core and challenge the body from head to toe. Work multiple muscle groups simultaneously as you tone the arms, legs, chest, back, butt, abs, obliques, shoulders, biceps, triceps and calves for a full body transformation. Denise’s expert knowledge of fitness and positive attitude will keep you inspired all of the way to the end. Now you can train with one of the best in the business right from your own home. You will need a light set of hand weights, a step bench, a towel and a bottle of water to complete this fun, energy-boosting workout routine. Join Denise to stay motivated, re-shape your body and revitalize your life! Tune in to BeFit every weekday for new free workouts. Click here to attack trouble zones with these short target toners from Denise: http://bit.ly/zPcRR7
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  4. When do you start to sweat?

  5. I am so grateful this is on YouTube. I have had a copy of this on VHS and then on DVD. I now have been misplaced it! Thank you!!!! 🙌🏼🤗

  6. I love Denise's workouts! She's great! She doesn't try to over work you! The results speak for itself! I'm almost 50! That will be next year! Trying to keep myself healthy and in shape! Love Denise!!!

  7. This is my all-time favorite Denise Austin workout. I couldn't even do the middle part at first (back in 2003). It helped me melt off a lot of weight!

  8. i want to know why she says level one, then level two, then again level three. Should we do it all three in one session or should gradually go into upper levels as we progress?

  9. Get fit with Denise austin tv programme I learned the principles of sports and exersing from her ,and how to love my body and be in good shape,love you dear,god bless you and your beautiful daughters. ❤🇺🇸🇧🇭


  11. I worked out to Denise since I was 12 I have lost a lot of weight thanks to her,I'm not as young as I use to be so balance is a problem now,but I still try😊

  12. anyone know how many calories thus burns approximately?

  13. I realize what Iam, I'm a work out girl. Always be yourself or you would end up somewhere you don't want be

  14. she is the bestes of the bestes

  15. Love Denise! Thank you for posting!

  16. Worked amazing for me cleaned me out. Lost 26lbs over 1 month 3 weeks. I also ate right worked out! Awesome product i also have IBS nothing works but Weight Loss Green Store Tea did

  17. Does everyone doing this actually own one of those steps? Or do you do it without?

  18. Who wonder how I lost 40 pounds, see here @Emilie Kesinger

  19. Great workout favorite of mine!!

  20. This was a great workout, but the cuing was awful!!!! You definitely need to watch this workout one time thru so that you know what is next during the workout.

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  22. Thank you for posting online! I love that I can access this easily and will be more motivated to follow through on my fitness plans. I respect Denise, with all her educational background, experience and positive attitude- she's a role model too to working families who aim to keep their families and community healthy. With this in mind she inspires me to be get through the 45 min, past the cross country skiing part and eat healthy afterwards too!

  23. Awesome! Very effective 45 min workout. Thanks!

  24. Workout completed, drained but this is my workout for the week!

  25. amazing workout, did it today completely but with some brakes, feeling good now 🙂

  26. Love Denise! She is one of the fitness pioneers. Lots of good instruction and motivation. She is always positive too.

  27. If the title says series, does that mean more are coming? 

  28. lets have cardio strength training video in one CD, i like cardio training
    thanks a lot for this video hope to receive more

  29. I'm just not a fan of her baby talk, it really dampens/cheapens the workout, IMO

  30. Let Denise put back on her skimpy bikini's and let her direct where she want the camera to show

  31. Finally a full length workout of Denise Austin :):) I had actually requested this full workout a while ago, thank you so much. I love step aerobics and the combination of weights makes it even better. We get cardio and strength training all in one video.

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