Denver’s mayor says city faces migrant ‘crisis’

Denver joins the growing list of cities struggling to handle a record influx of migrants. Shelters are now full and some are sleeping on the streets. NBC News’ Julia Ainsley spoke with the city’s mayor on why he wrote to President Biden, saying “action is needed” to help address the crisis.

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  1. And then people who vote blue will wonder why minimum wage stays the same. It's almost like workers strikes mean nothing if they can import cheaper labor from countries with more desperate people.

  2. Ilegal Immigration will destroy America, these are the results of Democrat elections!

  3. Gee, that's funny. Two years ago NBC claimed time after time that there was NO migrant crisis and that southern officials were lying to make a political point! RIGHT BACK AT YA NBC!!!!!

  4. You have tents on your sidewalks. No property taxes paid there. The crisis is well underway.

  5. We need one million migrants a year for the next 30 years. We have a baby shortage. ❤❤

  6. Just give them legalized weed

  7. 🐂💩 the Media (Hollywood) are the best and biggest Con people on the taxpayers money… The Government used to work for free on their spare time. Now they're the biggest money laundering scammers on the taxpayers money…. HAKUNA MATATA 👽😇❤

  8. 😂😂😂seekers for free usa, support them democrats they are criminals, undocumented illegal immigrants, not vetted.

  9. They shouldn't be here, they are just looking for work, no visa, no green card, undocumented illegal immigrants. Deport them.

  10. The political Demonrats machine keeps referring to this problems as a "migrant crisis" to avoid blame on themselves for causing it. This is an invasion that should have been stop at the border..

  11. Denver, of all places have there own homeless crisis .. thousand in shelters.. how on earth did they assume they could help ? Smh the rich is in charge..replacement of America workers

  12. What about American homeless?

  13. It was fun and games when you were mocking Trump, calling yourself a sanctuary city

  14. Asylum is for persecution not work permits.
    It’s too late to do anything now.
    Migrants are naive and don’t see anything wrong with the influx coming here illegally.

  15. Im just glad Texas governor, Abbott, is sending more blue voters! Thank you, Texas! Keep sending them! Biden must win again! 💪💪💪

  16. Biden cant do a ything to help the Republicans in the house wont give him the money thats good maybe these stupid mayors of those cities will not be arounf long..stop using taxpayers dollars on illegal immigrants

  17. If china was in control of the US, we would have the exact same policies as we do under Joe Biden.

  18. Every sanctuary city and state is in the same shape and they are all run by democrats so dont you think it is time to vote republican they care about American citizens not illegal immigrants

  19. 00:40 the leftist reveals his true intentions. Give them work permits. After that they will want to let them vote. All part of the plan to keep the unscrupulous Democrat Party in power.

  20. If they have no where to go then they should be denied entery and sent packing.