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Derek Chauvin Indicted On Federal Civil Rights Charges | NBC Nightly News

The indictment says Derek Chauvin deprived Floyd of his constitutional “right to be free from the use of unreasonable force by a police officer.” Chauvin and the other three former police officers involved face a charge for failing to give Floyd medical aid.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Derek Chauvin Indicted On Federal Civil Rights Charges | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Kellie Chauvin: A Lu with desire of green card
    Derek Chauvin: A murderer and a pure loser which considered as a ‘winner’ by Kellie Chauvin

  2. thank God, we have a new justice department!

  3. George criminal Floyd.

  4. He was only convicted to appease the racist blacks!

  5. I believe if you take life do life way should he get oh 40year if someone else you be send to prison life. Because he,e police officer he make little girls go on stand tell what happen it mad I hope a but man oh him do some to him what done to man

  6. A 1/2 of a lawyer gets all his charges thrown out plus a settlement from Minn/Minn

  7. He killed St. George the pious.

  8. Parent teach them to to hate and follow them through life

  9. but the judge let George's past wrongs be exploited –

  10. 0:41 sounds like a white police officer to me.

  11. If he'd been brutal on duty before then he should've been removed from duty. He wasn't, which isn't his fault, and also means that it's not his fault Floyd's dead. Fact!

  12. IMO The judge for this case was racist & did everything he could to protect Chauvin. He looked dissapointed when the jury found him guilty of all charges

  13. Sounds like Chauvin is a career-criminal, just like George Floyd was…

    The utter irony of a man facing 9 felony counts of tax evasion arresting another man for using a fake $20 bill…

  14. These police are innocent because Floyds health crisis began in the presence of Shawanda Hill and Morries Hall while Floyd was in his vehicle before Chauvin arrived on scene. It is the FAILURE of Hill and Hall that they withheld this information because they were getting high on Fentanyl in Floyds vehicle. Shawanda Hill described Floyds drug nod as sleeping this was the ONSET of Floyds heartfailure. These police did not harm Floyd. STOP ALL THE IGNORANCE IN THIS CASE. PROSECUTORS ARE DEAD WRONG on this overzealous prosecution. Dr. Baker did not provide an accurate statement of Autopsy on Floyd. Floyd died of Covid heartfailure virus on the heart stricken his blood vessels not pressure of any individual holding Floyd. The lethal Fentanyl being used in Floyds vehicle is what brought on the heartfailure to the Sickle cell diseased Floyd. You simply cannot have all 3 serious health conditions and surmise this as murder. This is NOT a murder case. Dr. Caroline Miller Royal Academy of Medicine.

  15. Bullied by BLM. Floyd robbed a pregnant woman at gun point. It doesn’t take 9 minutes to suffocate someone.

  16. The government is telling all the people in society who think, feel, and identify with Chauvin that what is happening to him will happen to you! 
    The FBI will never quit until every last one of the trained US military insurrectionists actively taking the Capitol by force are caught and brought up on federal charges and imprisoned.

  17. When i think of them beating me unconscious, I still think of the officers I have met that do not abuse their power.
    Tragically a nurse given trauma disorder label while working St. Joes, Barrow Neurological Institute that’s when violence came back to my life. 4 years old given Dyslexia when violence and hate, my brother & sisters all the others hate.
    Manufacturing hate as the ASU students did to me and countless others, they teach hate & slander.

  18. Waiting for conviction to be over turned appeal. Waters and Biden are racist idiots.


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  21. Just stop.😅😝 Chauvin Show Trial. Trying to keep tensions high….pathetic

  22. How can bad cops be proven to be habitual abusers of authority if the prosecutor can't bring up other instances that show a propensity for such behavior?

  23. Extremism in the police and military ranks maybe why US troops are still stationed in Germany?

    Are they writing travel logs? Learning to be Nazis? Elvis was stationed there 60 years ago.

    How much has the US spent on the 76 years extremist training holiday since GI Blues?

    Let's hope the George Floyd Justice and Policing Act is followed through.

  24. Wounder how he feels in cuffs now lol. Prison Wil be a cake walk for him in protective custody…. Other then his freedom being taken away. His smug face is sickining to see. One disgrace down and plenty more to go/come.the man he killed was no Saint but he was a human being.

  25. Well after learning of the other incident with the 14 year old…actually makes more sense why he was convicted.

  26. American cops became killer cops because the law encourages them to be so…………………..This stupid law must change

  27. This sounds leaving Guatemala and entering guatepeor .

  28. Chauvin the Us Police Herro I love you Cghauvin

  29. Chauvin Prisoner of conscience in American

  30. Sounds like a hole bunch of crying to me!! Throw all 4 of the police officers under the jail!!

  31. Anyone else notice the 2 chauvin pics look nothing alike, ears are different, hairline is different,mugshot pic looks 15 years younger, no forehead lines on mugshot. Not same person remotely at all. Eyebrows different also. They arent even trying to hide things anymore. This is blatent and intentional

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