Sunday , January 24 2021
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Derek Chauvin Makes ‘Very Brief’ Court Appearance, Bail Set At $1.25M | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Gabe Gutierrez reports from outside the Minnesota municipal building where a judge set bail for George Floyd’s arresting officer for $1.25M.
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Derek Chauvin Makes ‘Very Brief’ Court Appearance, Bail Set At $1.25M | NBC News NOW


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  1. Am I the only one that thinks that the two mugshot pictures of Derek Chauvin are TWO DIFFERENT GUYS!! and I can stay almost for a fact after looking at intensive analysis of comparisons graphically of the video of the police officer with his knee on George Floyd's neck it's not the same guy that's in the mugshot! Actually, either of the mugshots! Because I think it's two different guys strangely enough… HOW COME NOBODY NOTICES THIS AND WHEN SOMEBODY SAYS THIS IS A HOAX THEY'RE LOOKED AT AS SOME NUT JOB!!!

  2. This man is a American HERO! George floyd was nothing more than a low life Criminal.

  3. blah blah. Nobody cares,honestly.

  4. Is Kyle next to be released? I believe Derek was bailed out, so you people will riot before the election.

  5. A police got arrested LOL!!!!!!

  6. The original cause for the protests was the arrest and prosecution of the officer. But NO Antifa is there to show support for his prosecution? To make sure he isn't cutting a plea deal or anything? No one cares. It's all fake ANTIFA garbage, easier for the losers to go burn things and loot.

  7. Don't forget there were three other officers charged; one Asian, one
    Arab one other European-American, in addition to Chauvin.

  8. I feel sorry sorry for the poor woman that married this murderer racist killers abusers all of them all guilty

  9. Donald J Trump is a communist president who loves division and white supremacy

  10. why is he wearing a mask he is outside and there is no one around… hahah is the covid boogey man floating out to get him!

  11. Chauvin should receive a medal and an apology. He rid society of a drug-addled, 5-time convicted felon, who was in the process of committing yet another felony.

  12. Media held back the truth chauvin is not guilty

  13. Chauvin will be found not guilty in light of new evidence I said it all long media was not telling the truth

  14. He can probably post bail with all the tax fraud money he been savin 😂😂😂

  15. If Chauvin need help raising Bond money I was looking through my piggy bank and I believe I could help him out with a nickel.

  16. (Look up Complete George Floyd body cam footage) So you can hear everything. If you have to ask what this changes then you didn't see the whole footage.

    1) He said "i'm claustrophobic" (Symptoms of claustrophobia)


    hot flushes or chills

    shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

    a choking sensation

    a rapid heartbeat (tachycardia)

    chest pain or a feeling of tightness in the chest

    a sensation of butterflies in the stomach

    feeling sick

    headaches and dizziness

    feeling faint

    numbness or pins and needles

    a dry mouth

    a need to go to the toilet

    ringing in your ears

    feeling confused or disorientated

    If you have severe claustrophobia, you may also experience psychological symptoms, such as:

    fear of losing control

    fear of fainting

    feelings of dread

    fear of dying


    2) Toxicology report says: Fentanyl
    Fentanyl High risk for addiction and dependence. Can cause respiratory distress and death when taken in high doses or when combined with other substances, especially alcohol.


    3) He killed himself!

    Media bias caused this disaster in America, and just to try to win an election! First Russia, then Ukraine, that didn't work so your gonna try to destroy America with Riots, and exploitation of a virus. I hope everyone is WOKE now only this time for real.


  18. People of Minnesota are going to raise money funds for his $1.25 million dollar bail police privilege

  19. Whos going to pay that does he even have that money.

  20. His wife gone be so desperate do to some I bet..

  21. He killed a human being life in this case karma happened soon after.

  22. Purposely he destroy the United States he destroyed us physically my financially mentally plus coronavirus already have he is an evil what is done

  23. Lock him up and throw away the keys rip George xxx

  24. This racist women still has a job😐😐😒

  25. There should be no bail for this crazy monster.

  26. DONT FORGET WHAT ALL COPS REALLY ARE IN AMERICA "PSYCOPATHS" Watch video of Schenectady cop kneeling on man’s neck on YouTube

  27. How Many People Believe He'll get a Fair Trial? No Matter What He gets I Believe He'll
    Get a Better deal than George Floyd got!!😉

  28. Derrick chauvin cost. This country billions of dollars cowardly murderers

  29. Should be NO BAIL 4 A MURDERER !!

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