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Derek Chauvin, other former officers indicted on new charges in George Floyd case

What the federal civil rights charges mean for the defendants and other cases involving police use of force.

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  1. I want that Asian guy to keep his hands in his pocket while the judge sentencing

  2. Feds need to go to each precinct in America and start reviewing compliants and incidents

  3. The Rules should be made for all the Officers. They didn't have Mercy, for MR.FLOYD.

  4. We not only have local Investigations we have federal too are branches of government are STRONG

  5. I love it! Officer Kueng is African American. He violated another African Americans civil rights. Whaaaaat!!!!

  6. I hate police officers I hope all the racist ones face Justice

  7. Does anybody know anything about the charges against the half dozen or so black men who assaulted the Asian American people " caught on camera". You people are a joke! Resist arrest, use it as an excuse to get your way with everything. Funny thing. I never was prejudiced. Well, that's changed.

  8. Diversity and multiculturalism are what so much important.

  9. Disgusting! This criminals should defend no to kill😡

  10. Good. They should all burn in hell for what they did…..or didn't do.

  11. They all should have/be charged for the murder isn't that how it goes if someone dies during the commission of a crime all involved are charged with murder?

  12. Splendid Just Splendid…. Now Throw ‘Em Under The Cemetery Forever…….

  13. Good, now rot in prison. Don't drop the soap….

  14. Soon we won’t have any police so who are we gonna call? They couldn’t pay me enough to be an officer. They don’t know what to do anymore!,

  15. They all should be held accountable yes.

  16. A 14 year old who assaulted his mother weighted over 200 lbs and was over 6 ft tall- tell the full story case is online!

  17. Just give them the death sentence this is messing up video syncs

  18. Republican Trump supporters are going to be upset by this news. They don’t believe the police involved did anything wrong and are justified.

  19. I just go into a frenzy watching Dereck Chauvin being led away in handcuffs!! he looks so docile, once he hits those shower rooms, they are going to ask him "Who's your daddy"

  20. So there’s not a second trial

  21. Yep! They should go down with him…nincompoops..

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