DeSantis and Newsom face off in Red vs. Blue state debate

The governors of Florida and California took aim at each other’s records on the debate stage. ABC News’ Rhiannon Ally has the highlights.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. The Biden team are Champions at election strategy. This no account debate is just genius.

  2. My prediction for the next president of the US is : Blue states 🙂

  3. Yeah well Newsome is finished after that debate, no matter how the mainstream media frames it, so him not running that was the only half truth he told during the debate.

  4. Look at the highlighted picture ABC posted on UTUBE it speaks VOLUMES
    Gavin Newsom had his a$$ handed to him with actual facts

    THIS NATION & OTHERS ARE ON FIRE but ABC will have you believe otherwise or just blatantly disregard what’s happening in our country or globally.
    We have a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT to the entire WESTERN CIVILIZATION that’s not by coincidence
    We have BAD ACTORS around the WORLD knowing AMERICA is not a player right now.
    Joe Biden is funding HAMAS rt now by giving our hard earned tax dollars to Iran thats funding HUMAS


    THERE NOTHING BUT LIERS FOR BIDEN & jeopardizing the security of our country and others

  5. Newsom loves Newsom point blank!

  6. Sunshine State vs Poop State

  7. DeSantis is a real American, Newsom is a tool.

  8. Florida Desantis was sneaky and low, he may want to.attack newson as his.political opponent, but he attacked California and Californias, that is very.rude. What does he think he is? Florida has been a party state for the young,. and sleepy bedroom for retirees. People moved out of California for several obvious reasons, some just cash out on houses, some for retirement, some for none whiteneses which no politician dare to discuss openly, but very few move out for job and education reasons. It was possible to do remote work past couple years, no more.Things are becoming normal. Also homeless people do like come to California as well, that is not fair.

  9. Elderly people may be moving to Florida but medical professionals and teachers are moving out.

  10. Newsome is a snake oil salesman 😂

  11. Reminder: 47 million out of 49 million jobs created since Ronald Reagan left office were created by Democrats

  12. Reminder: California has some of the strongest gun laws in the country and as a result has a 43% lower gun death rate than the rest of the U.S. according to data from the CDC

  13. Reminder: Blue states have longer life expectancy, higher minimum wage and lower gun death rates

  14. Reminder: Middle class families in California pay LESS in taxes than in states like Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

  15. I live in California, and it sucks! $7.00 gas, food is way too much, homeless are everywhere and crime is way out of control and the boarder is causing hardship for hospitals and schools. Gavin has ruined California.

  16. DeSantis destroyed the typical California SOY BOY.
    All the real Americans have already left Commifornia. …
    Never forget democrats are the party of groomers, pedofiles, child mutilating perverts, KKK and slavery

  17. Who would have thought that a debate like this would even happen…and…be the thing that made the last "Democrat" in my family question if they are still even Liberal anymore. California is a cesspit, and that cannot be hidden, nor can it be hidden that it is this way because of the leftism that is eating the Democratic party alive from within.

  18. As a Californian for over 65 years! & a Retired 20+ year veteran police officer. I will 100% Say! Gavin NewSCUM is a 100% Lying, Thieving, "CORRUPT" and a 100% Traitor to "ALL" Californians! & Law Enforcement! DeSantis is 100% CORRECT!!! You have to be a 100% Blithering "IDIOT" to believe "ANYTHING" NewSCUM says! That is a 100% FACT!!!

  19. Kudos to Givin Poopsome for turning up, but he really should have just stayed home like how his dem colleage Katie Hobbs fled from the scheduled debate with Kari Lake.

    Man, did he got pooped on 🤣💩

  20. Stupid fffn republicans are destroying America

  21. After watching this, if Newsom actually runs for President, lol, all of these Christian Criminal Nationalists are sooooo f@cked !! 😅

  22. ABC can't be fair and balanced about anything. Including this 2 and half minute video. A hot job on 1 while talking up the other.
    We're better than these people.

  23. Newsom is a slick ,lying politician who doesn't care about California at all .California failed in every category. He is the worst governor in the country. Just mind blowing how Californians' voters vote for totally incompetent, arrogant, ignorant man who didn't even answer on one single question

  24. GAVIN NEWSOM is the WORST Governor California has "EVER SEEN" Newsom went to China to KISS Xi Jinping ASS and now he thinks he wants to be President, Newsom has destroyed California and will destroy our country just like California, and that will NEVER HAPPEN!!

    GAVIN NEWSOM is the WORST Governor California has "EVER SEEN" has destroyed California and People and Businesses are LEAVING Daily. Newsom went to CHINA to get Xi Jinping's approval to run for President, but really to KISS Xi Jinping's ASS Newsom made an ASS of himself trying to play Basketball with little KIDS falling on his ASS a complete embarrassment after that Newsom's ratings went down, Newsom's a LIAR and a complete JOKE just Kamala Harris and will destroy our COUNTRY just like California!!

    This is why PEOPLE and BUSINESSES are FLEEING CALIFORNIA, in 2021, 360,000 People and Businesses left California and they expect EVEN MORE in 2023 CALIFORNIA IS DYING Residents are Fleeing the State Daily!!

    GAVIN NEWSOM has completely DESTROYED California with CRIME OUT OF CONTROL, HIGHER TAXES, Blackouts, Water Droughts, Fires, Highest Taxes in the Nation, Highest Homelessness in the Nation, Highest Regulations in the Nation, Highest GAS Prices in the Nation, and give "EVERYTHING FREE" to illegals and make the Citizens of California PAY for it ALL so they can get…" MORE ILLEGAL VOTERS" California is still Number #1 for….VOTER FRAUD!!

  25. Fucks news fake news can’t even hold a proper debate. Having Sean Succkity host is a joke.

    All DeSickass could do is blame Biden 😂😂😂

  26. Failure ron desantamonious garbage

  27. Biden Harris democrats got my vote no to extremists Republicans garbage trump trash Republicans dictators elections deniers no to ron desantamonious

  28. All of these homeless people in California are out of state people . Who think it’s easy to live in California. I wonder why they leave the red states to come to Cali . Oh yea living in a republican state sucks .