DeSantis takes aim at Trump during campaign blitz through Iowa

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is making multiple campaign stops throughout Iowa and has been criticizing former President Trump with veiled jabs at his “culture of losing.” NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports.

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  1. BAN SANDBAGS NOW! A message from Joe Biden.

  2. Ron desantis you don't have the right to be president, don't dream, want to do 8 years?? you are overconfident and no one will vote for traitors

  3. The ONLY thing DeSantis has in his favor is his "trophy" wife, but then Melania Trump is a winner hands down!

  4. Both Trump and DeSantis need to highlight Biden’s record of one disaster after another.

  5. Trump/DeSantis the republican Cult of Losers, they certainly are not a Political party!

  6. I'm not ready for another republican clown circus show ever 🎪✔️🤪. . John McCain rolling over in his grave today.. Not his party ever..

  7. DESANTIS…….HE'S a weasel

  8. I don’t get Ron. I get what’s he’s against but no idea what’s he’s for. Maybe anger and grievance is what people are drawn to but not so sure. Some of his fights have legitimacy but then he contradicts himself. Small G but then starts taking retaliation against a private enterprise for simply disagreeing with him, freedom except for women and people who are different, education unless it’s something that makes him feel awkward. Can’t this strategy working with a general election unless people really loved the handmaids tale. Hmm … OfRon, OfDon, OfTim, OfMatt, OfMarg 😅 can’t see it working


  10. Don’t quit your day job RINO Ronnie.

  11. A vote for DeSantis is a vote for fascism!

  12. F trump, DeSantis 2024!

  13. Republicans garbage lies

  14. The demomarxists are enjoying the GOP cannibalism. If it continues it will make it more likely they will hold the whyte house.

  15. He has no platform so he has to say something. Nothingburger insults nothingburger. The End.

  16. The fly on Pences’ head would make a better Republican president than either Trump or DeSantis.

  17. A loser says…

  18. Maybe if he just put on a white hood he could win over trumps fans and save lots of money


  20. This circus just keeps getting wackier…

  21. yes, they’re cannibalizing each other. i love it! 🤩🍿

  22. Why is Mike Pence now planing on running? 🙄

  23. At least Republicans aren’t scared to debate. Guess Biden will be hiding in the basement again.

  24. Micky kicked DeSantis in the balls, and now they sing in the same octave.😂

  25. Trump mocking Ron DeAnus is like a colostomy bag mocking the contents. 🙄

  26. Someone needs to take aim at both of them

  27. Ron DeSatan is the AC, Damien look alike hair even.

  28. Lil'DikSantis is going nowhere

  29. That video clip of him wiping his nose mucous on a supporter's shirt is disgusting

  30. By not even saying Conald's name? some aim…

  31. here comes the downward spiral of the republican's party

  32. Trump Jr takes aim at Trump. Come on DeSanctimonious, don't treat your daddy that way.

  33. NBC propping up DeSantis 😂…that's real helpful. The losing dig won't work when literally its been found that criminal elements in the FBI are trying to block Trump. ( Durham report)

  34. Every time Republicans get elected rights and freedoms get taken away.