‘Destroying families’: Social media companies ‘running an experiment’ on kids, Utah gov warns

Utah Republican Gov. Spencer Cox discusses legislation requiring children to get parental consent to use social media on ‘Varney & Co.’ #foxbusiness #varney

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  1. Treason they all conspire to commit acts to weaken America and devalue our dollar

  2. Listen if they’re not talking about Facebook and all of the data and things that it is given away and shared with the NSA etc. then talking about Tik Tok is ridiculous unless they are trying to ban information that will expose them both liberal and republican

  3. Drop the fear of society. Get a hold of your house. Come on adults. Time to be adults, not friends.

  4. Huawei banned to protect Apple
    TikTok banned to protect Meta
    Nothing personal.
    Congress: What is wifi

  5. Pre Social Media world was heaven. I knew it would be bad for society when it came about in the late 2000s.

  6. She would she,s a tratior

  7. Banning Tik Tok would be political suicide. It’s too popular

  8. TikTok vs Fox B.S? Rupert Murdoch, T Carlson, L Ingrahm and Sean Hannity all testified under oath that they knew the election was not stolen. On air, they kept promoting the lie. Rupert was afraid he would lose Trump viewers if they told the truth. Money and ratings is all that matters with Fox.

  9. I'm surprised she didn't say her favorite word , this is" fascism "

  10. Tweety Bird can go on Trump platform. I do believe for her Trump will make a Free account.

  11. The main reason social media has so much influence is because the average American has lost their analytical reasoning skills and situational awareness…..blame it on the education system or the government or Commiewood, but in the end it comes down to personal responsibility, self-education and critical reasoning skills along with parents being good parents. As I've heard said "If your child has never hated you, you've never been a good parent.".

  12. I am tick-tock they are stealing our data and spying on us, so this is a bad thing

  13. Who cares what AOC "feels" like.
    Get rid of tik tok. The US doesnt need security threats.

  14. AOC is an idiot. She is as American as beetroot broth.

  15. easy fix public capital punishment for zuck for all to see. / tiktok china weapon.

  16. Get tik tok is a communist platform.


  18. Instagram needs to be next

  19. The only ones that don't want to band communism are democrats and teenagers. I hope they get into her accounts and steal everything she owns. That'll teach her.

  20. If AOC supports it I’m against it

  21. I personality feel that a lot of the problems facing this country are caused by social media .

  22. Don't know what that will look like? YouTube has a minor account that must be linked to a verified adult account. How hard is this? Both sides of the aisle are an absolute disgrace at this point.

  23. So UT passed a law, but has no idea how they will implement it? Lmao this country is a sh*t show.

  24. AOC is part of the problem with America!!!

  25. Social media companies are not running any experiment. They are well aware of the methods of creating addiction.