Monday , November 30 2020
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Detectives search for home invaders who kill young father

The young couple lived in home for only 6-months was broken into and father shot dead protecting family.


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  1. My god can we just protect our homes

  2. And the Democrats want to take our guns away. If he would have had a gun he might be alive. And the intruders would be dead.

  3. Sounds like cartel shit this happens from time to time in houston, pay your debts people

  4. Okay, I'm no detective…but this seems like someone put a hit on this guy. When Intruders break into your house, shoot one specific person and then immediately run away without taking anything AND leaving everyone else unharmed…

    I don't know and can't say for sure, but it's really suspicious.

  5. It will turn out the wife was involved.

  6. All they have to do is look at whomever lived there before they moved in

  7. imo sounds like they thought no one was home got startled shot n killed n ran

  8. This is like the 3rd Australian killed in the US recently

  9. This is why I will vote trump 2020
    Vote trump 2020

  10. What was they looking for the life insurance policy ???🤷🏿‍♂️

  11. This sounds Fishy to me

  12. If you have a family always have firearms in the home

  13. So sad 😞 smh wtf is wrong with people

  14. Sounds like a targeted hit. And it looks like hand prints on the front of Marci Gonzales' dress.

  15. They need to put the offenders up high in a gibbet. Let the birds pick at them.

  16. If it was leonardo DiCaprio…he woulda had a flamethower….

  17. I hope it wasnt illegals….we will never the outcome or anything else from this……

  18. They probably was looking for the previous owner or previous renting individuals who knows? Oh man that's a heart breaking 💔😥

  19. How about all you wanna be YouTube detective Stfu and let the real guys take care of this…

  20. Someone needs to proofread these titles…

  21. For those saying he should have had a gun, in Texas last week a woman who had a gun and just got shot by the police in her own home. How come the gun didn't save her then?

  22. This straight up sounds like a hit

  23. Don't mess with white folks

  24. Mmhh🤔 something smell fishy something else going on🤔

  25. Something doesn't add up she would've been dead to. Just my opinion hate to be rude not. I wonder if he had good life insurance. R.I.P

  26. Question the wife 🤔🤪

  27. poor poor man and his family 😔 disgusting bastards!! make me sick who do they think they are breaking into a home that man worked hard to get! sickos!!

  28. Checc the police…They probably did it. 🐷

  29. Reading the comments I see a lot of people pro firearms…I agree with you 100 percent but when someone breaks into your house with a gun in hand he pretty much intends to pull the trigger before you can get to the light switch.. unless you sleep with one eye open and your 357 taped to your trigger finger your screwed. Shit happens faster than you realize. He was a father to small children, doubt he had a loaded gun in the top drawer of a nightstand…just saying.

  30. Nothing stolen? Better look at the wife.

  31. Heartbreaking..another senseless tradegy. My thought and prayers go out to the friends and family of this man.

  32. He was the target, they should speak to people around him starting from his wife.

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