Wednesday , August 10 2022

Detroit Residents Fight For Restitution After Overassessed Homes Caused Foreclosures

Detroit homeowners claim the local government is overassessing property taxes leading to widespread foreclosures across the city. NBC News’ Zinhle Essamuah spoke to some of those residents about what they lost and what they’re fighting for now.

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  1. The Democrats have been running Detroit into the ground for decades. But the idoits will just keep voting them back into office. So they get what they deserve.

  2. When people want everything free from the government, the government needs to find a way to pay for it and they turn to the taxpayers. “ robbing Peter to pay Paul” happens in every city .

  3. those houses are worth so little, in case you were sleeping, because it is a HIGH CRIME city. you do not want to come out at night in Detroit. so who do you think wants to buy those homes? the demand is non existent, except the people that rightfully lived there and did not have their neighborhoods look like this. give everyone the opportunity of home ownership especially in areas where others would not live, they grew up there, they know what to do to restore it.

  4. so they would rather let these homes crumble and have people homeless instead of working with them???? 🤔🙄

  5. flint Michigan still don't have clean drinking water

  6. detroit, i know many are proud. my family lived there until the 1950's. sorry detroit is not any better and looks like a trashy war zone. my son lives off 7 mile in detroit and cannot leave his house because of break in robbery. has food stolen off the grill, cars stolen. belle isle had to be taken over by a federal agency as detroit could not keep it up. they ran the tax base off, so you are left with nothing.

  7. Ours get over assessed and they raise taxes same year

  8. So b lack people claim racism when their home values are undervalued. When their home value is overvalued, they claim racism. Sounds like a brainless b lack people problem.

  9. That house can not be worth $5000. How about zero…and even that not many people still wanted it and live there

  10. You don't get to own property. It's the states property, you just rent it.

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  12. joe bidens economy makes you work 6 days a week @ 12hrs a day to make same money you make in 2019 @ 40 hrs a week

  13. Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro and every other moron who consistently says: "there is no such thing as systemic racism, (especially in Amerikkka)". Here is just one more blaring example to this oh so painful Fact!

    Or go ahead and give us your looney toons spin on this where these daft people like them and those who follow in their absurd like minded beliefs where they'll create some rando or bizarre method that would spin it into this 'being caused by the homeowners lack of etc. etc.


  15. Putting my own country in the dunce corner, ephanisms ephanisms

  16. If I did a count, probably only low double digit million if not single digit million would be remaining on this land area known as usa. However you think of that. In addition, but ?

  17. But also maybe, In respect for resting places, you didn’t want to remember or have forgotten upon you own hands

  18. Anyone else can say your home you are paying for no matter what. USA

  19. That’s Crazy!! …She should Fight This!!

  20. If you don’t like it, you can get out.

  21. So what happens to the homes? They just sit abandoned? Continue to bring down the property value in those neighborhoods (and they continue to be over assessed?) And a place for crackheads to occupy? And a haven for criminals to commit crimes like murders, rap3s, trap house??? What about the kids that attend schools in those very same neighborhoods? Who benefits from overassessing property taxes in these neighborhoods? Deplorable. The devil always comes back to collect.

  22. Michigan that they did not help steal the election either ha we are not stupid nice try Lonnie ray