Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Devin Nunes: Impeachment is 'an investigation in search of a crime’

Rep. Devin Nunes, (R-CA), discusses the impeachment inquiry launched against President Trump and the censuring of Rep. Adam Schiff as well as the political influence of Twitter bot farms.

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  1. Why not just impeach all future Presidents – especially if they grow the economy, reduce unemployment, cut taxes, reduce the prospects of Nuclear war, make NATO members pay their dues, create fair Trade deals and reduce illegal immigration?

  2. Stalin: Find me a man, I will find the crime.

  3. Anyone who has spend a second advertising on Facebook knows what click/bot farms are.

  4. The only crime here is that Nunes is even tangentially associated with anything called Intelligence.

  5. How is all this even legal

  6. no, impeachment is like the wheel of fortune and you stupid nunes just gave them a vowel

  7. There is no impeachment! HOAX Dems our bad the first yr bad the 2nd! Our eyes wide open!! Dems are just corrupt! Hillary had so much to do with Russia not our great President!

  8. Bag of Schiff created all this he is the whistless whistle blower..1 whistless blower 2..and informer ..now ask yourself ..what's bag of Schiff scared of ..or terrified ..of he's a Raven paedophile Trump knows ..and bag of Schiff has got to get shut before Trump releases this dirt bags going on


  10. devin, if you so wish I can firebomb Twitter to kingdom come, you devin have the last word..

  11. I want to live in America because we are living in the world that Democracy, and Republic here in America. We don't want to living in Socialist country or communist country. I hope we solve this none sense problems. We don't want to live in Communist China. We are almost brain washed by them…. Or buying out by them. Congress or Senate. All the leader and Media are buying out by them. Already changing. Even Adam Schiff…. Or Nancy Pelosi…other people might be Chinese communist controlling.

  12. It’s nothing but political theatre. There’s no impeachment inquiry. Normally a whistle blower would be paraded around like a trophy. Why are the democrat party hiding them. There in evidence of criminal wrong doing. This is impeachment fantasy.

  13. You know these social media companies are too big and out of control when they ignore the law and refuge to cooperate. The only thing that is going to solve this problem is new laws and rules regulating them, fines costing them billions of dollars and even splitting their companies up.

  14. Not sure if Americans get it, but here's one Canadian that does ; waiting for the Democrat dominoes to fall, ending at Obama.

  15. In a Communist overthrow of any nation, first they control the information with TV propaganda by MSM, (or flyers and pamphlets as in the Russian Revolution, they had no media) then false allegations of a duly elected President, finally secret meetings! Send in the Military and arrest these people.
    This is a COUP d'ETAT.

  16. I want Pelosi and Schiff to impeach Trump on grounds Trump wants to investigate corruption. It will show how corrupt Congress is and doesn't want anyone investigated except Trump. Trump will be a hero!

  17. Fine Twitter to the MAX!
    Jack Dorsey is a real piece of work, talk about a flacid worm!

  18. I don't why for years the impeachment is on, Creepy Joe runing for a President, look like the justice is with them with Mueller ,Comey,Rosenstein,McCabe……….. ?

  19. The crazy leftists have been trying to force the people to believe their lies for as long as I can remember and it's only getting worse.

  20. i really dont understand, why there are so many rules and people can condemn and even remove president, yet seem like there is no rules and people have the power to condemn and remove congress and senate, even when they clearly are totally behaving barbaric, broke the law, even considered a commit a serious crime. they are trying to over thrown president right in front of our eyes, yet still no one willing to call thats a crime??!!

  21. Whistleblower is a disgruntled Democrat CIA operative

  22. Trump needs to get Assange in on all this. I personally believe him when he says this had nothing to do with the Russians. would love to see what evidence he has on the Democrats illegal acts behind the scenes. The Democrats refusal to let the FBI investigate their server is a HUGE RED FLAG!

  23. Is Bolton patient X (original illegal leaker) and Ciaramella one of two further LEAKBLOWERS???

  24. We really need to start by shutting down Twitter immediately. I know I know but hear me out. If we do t put our foot down Now against this lack of control to enforce no Discrimination in the world, and those that own this corporation are thumbing their noses at our President on down, basically at our Constitution, they become the enemy of the state. This is not an Ally of America along with that robot who owns your face(book).. people please read 1984…

  25. Doesnt Marie have a "speaking voice"? She is always yelling. Hard to get thru her vids sometimes.

  26. Devin we hear you loud n clear! Signed John Q!

  27. MINI A.O.C. was banned for simply making jokes! A child telling jokes!!! BANNED! Blatantly double standards

  28. You mean like suing a cow😂😂

  29. My suspicion is that the whistleblower has or will be interviewed without anybody knowing it. That includes even the interviewers.

  30. After you get the bots can you work on robo calls?

  31. The whole damned evil democrat party and their media must be defeated or America as we have known and loved will be transformed into a 3rd world, lawless country like Venezuela.

  32. Sorry But: women are ruled by their emotions and unable to make long term decisions; therefore a women is not fit to be the commander and chief.

  33. Sure it is comrade nunes, you republicans went apeshit over a blowjob. In other words you republicans went after Clinton for 6.5 yrs and all you got him for was lying about getting an out of school blowjob. Nunes what about your midnight runs which is a crime because it is illegal giving information about an investigation to the party that is being investigated, talk about slander comrade.

  34. Nobody trusts a word Schiff has to say on anything, this individual is a liar!!

  35. Just a friendly heads up…. JESUS is coming! Last days warning! Repent from all sin and be ready!
    Seek JESUS while He may be found! Time is almost up!


  37. Maria you need to drop some weight girl!

  38. Does anyone have a SPARE HOUSE they can offer up to DROP ON THAT WITCH from Cali

  39. How is this bs even legal? Accusing the president of fake crimes?

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