Thursday , December 3 2020
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Devin Nunes warns Dems will leak, politicize in-person intel briefings

DNI John Ratcliffe accuses Congress of leaking to media; California Rep. Devin Nunes, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, joins Lou Dobbs with insight on ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight.’ #FoxBusiness

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  1. General Flynn confessed! Plain and simple he is guilty!

  2. Why did you take a ppp loan corrupt govt

  3. Write to me actually let the Americans know what actions to Russians are taking to undermine American democracy.
    If that were to happen the Republican Party may actually be forced to defend American democracy.
    Oh by the way Devin , Moo🐄

  4. Maybe if everybody wasn’t writing a book they would have time to do their job and put somebody in jail for this abomination

  5. Abolish the Federal Reserve as its unconstitutional and was never voted on or for by the people and answers to no one and charges our government interest to use our own currency!

  6. I want to see the Clintons, Biden's, Rockefellers, Rothschilds and ALL other TOP politicians and globalists in jail!
    Then confiscate ALL their wealth and redistribute to all legal American citizens over the age of 18!

  7. One day people are going to find out that CNN, MSNBC, Pelosi & Dem Elites are playing the People like a fiddle today, creating HATE & DIVISION among the average person with ‘Black Lives Matter,’ tearing down statues, blaming Russia & Corona on everyone, but themselves “to distract you” from looking at the RICH ELITES & the MEDIA whom the elites control – They are the real culprits who were afraid Dems would go after them if they were really ‘woke”! While you are protesting & burning they love this distraction because they are running to the bank & getting richer by the damages & division they created Nationwide. Woke up, for god’s sake!

  8. Vote Donald Trump 2020!!! 👍🇺🇸

  9. Praying for President Trump and his administration.

  10. Biden's Plan BLM V.I.P R.E.D
    Build B.iden Vote Replace
    Bejing L.ost In Every
    Better M.yVOTE Person Democrat Senators, Reps, Mayors, Politicians

  11. The bureaucracy is out of control and are attempting to overthrow the constitution in an act of treason Arrest them all and give them life Open Alcatraz and put them all there!

  12. Schiff is a shifty, lying piece of sh*t.

  13. The Russians WANT Trump to be president! ……….. What does that tell you?

  14. Welcome to Trumps America 40 million jobs lost 3trillion in added debt negative GDP no fica tax nobody pays rent or mortgages and everybody gets a check.
    And I worried about Bernie

  15. Portland Antifa Base had been found…check out Salty Cracker on youtube 4 Location..share this..make go viral

  16. Look at Nunes vicious face. It is written on his forehead LIAR? Is he ever good at i. But people are not all ignorant they just don't believe him. He should go back to Venice to get more informations from his friends from Poland. May he will get stuck there brcause of covid-19, he still think it's a hoax. Somebody will get him some day.

  17. If the judges actually are "scared"…they're scared about the wrong things…and the wrong people.

  18. Adam Schiff is a leaker and a liar

  19. When will Schiff face treason charges?

  20. No offense to Mr. Nunes but I don't need to read a book to know what is happening. If we don't want socialism we need to go after the source of the trends. It's the globalists! The super rich few who are lusting over a China style single world government from which they will profit handsomely. I mean guys like Soros. Take their money away, clean out the infections in our schools and universities and watch the world return to normal.

  21. If they leak it exclude them from the Intel.. no bs just do it

  22. All this corruption will soon come to the light

  23. Schiffs butt o is so worn he's leaking.

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