Thursday , January 20 2022
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DHS Secretary Mayorkas testifies before Senate committee

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on the “Oversight of the Department of Homeland Security.” Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testifies.

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  1. Under oath for the left = baffle them with bullchit

  2. notice dems always reading something. yeah i do. think about it,

  3. For every 3 kids crossed our boarder illegally 1 of those kids is missing and they have no idea where those missing kids are under LET'S GO BRANDON ADMIN !!!

  4. What planet are you living on.

  5. Durbin what about American children fleeing their homes due to the unsecured boarder especially on the southern boarder state's due to this installed administration? Look at him grinning like a cherisher cat as Durbin is drooling over him. What about the unvetted ones coming here attacking our American children which it is happening one just took place in my state after the unvetted was only here 2 WEEKS!!!!! So Durbin what do you have to say to the American children??? That was the most disgusting brown nosing I have ever watched SICKENING!!!!

  6. Come here legally and you won’t be separated from your children.

  7. Many children were brought here by smugglers… the children,’s guardian had NO proof that they were the Legal guardian. Of course the Trump administration separated the child from that adult. I guess the Biden Administration would just let these children stay with anyone based on their word. That’s dangerous and sad.

  8. How can tearing down the wall like the Dems want to do and cutting budgets for border patrol and ice help in protecting us? Everything he is saying is to support the illegals and we pay for it.

  9. Watch a show called 90 Day Fiancé…you will see the struggles that the people who go the legal way to come here go through. Might as well just sneak’s easier.

  10. Build more wall! Fund ICE and Border Patrol. Open more courts at the border. Build more holding centers. The people that want to immigrate here legally wait years and pay thousands of dollars to come here. Why are illegals praised and given special treatment? Under the Biden administration everyone should just come here illegally.. you get treated better.

  11. Hate this unAmerican mayorkas he hates Americans!!!!!!

  12. Never regretted trusting ☝️service for the funds hacked into my bank account few hours ago

  13. tRUMP WANTED 5 BILLION FOR THE WALL. Dems want 5 trillion for buleshit. How many billions are the dems going to pay illegals for compensation?

  14. The violent insurrection is on the Southern Border Sr.Mayorkes

  15. HELLO DEMS OUR COUNTRY IS BROKE!!! We can’t afford this!!!

  16. Allll the book smarts and laws you all make are derived by no common sense .The Dems won’t be happy till this 1st class nation is turned into a 3rd world country like most of the freshmen congress for the dems. At least the Republicans are trying to do common sense things for our country. Enjoy your short time while it last cause our country is no longer safe with them in power..

  17. this so-called public serpent can't answer a single question, he should have been prepared to answer any question in a truthful manner not just dancing around the out house, maybe he should have fallen in and get his answers, at least then he could have had the smell in his nose

  18. Didn't Obama put kids in cages…they were separated from their parents…Obama literally was the one who put kids in cages…Democrats are failing on every level…LET'S GO BRANDON

  19. If Children In America Are Run Aways!!! They're Taken Back To Their Parents Or Investigations Start… So Since Their Problems Started In Another Country!!! It's That Country Problems. So Send Them All Back!!!

  20. While You'll At It!!! Look At California's Governmental Assistance Programs That There's Such A Difference In Assistance Between The Illegal Immigrants And The American Parents And Their Children Who Are In Need Or The Homeless Problems And Housing Problems And The Rise Of Unemployment Amongst The Will Of The Constitution Right's Of The American People. The Rise In Drug Addiction Amongst American Citizens While The Policies Of California's City,State And Federal Government's Are Protecting Illegal Immigrants So Call Right's. We Need To Send All Illegal Immigrants And Their Children Who Was Allowed To Be Born In America While Their Parents Was Allowed To Side Step Our Law's. So If Their Parents Was Here Illegally,All Children Born To These Illegal Immigrants Are Illegal Residents Who Are In Our Country… Time To Take Back Control

  21. Congress better listen to the People and stop showboating. Change is coming for all.

  22. Trump lives in his head rent free. I love it.

  23. There was a call ,who will fight for Freedom ?,We will fight We. They fought the British, with Freedom an won. THINK WHRE GETTING CLOSE WAKE UP . One thing l pray that we dont have to hear that call ( Who will fight freedom)..,that is were it started. BEWARE IT CAN HAPPEN. MY ANSWER WOULD BE ( YES I WILS L WITH OUT QUESTION SIR). GOD HEIPS USE we make the right disision NOW LES PRAY THAT OUR HEAVNLY GOD JAHOVAH HEARS USE. THE DAYS AHEAD ARE TRUBLESOOME. HEEP YOUR PRAYERING THAT THE END to all this misery to end. ( Freedom is not cheap ( Will we stand an fight for our freedom ( may god helps we make the riision. NOW LETS PRAY THAT IOUR HEAVENLY FATHER HEARS US IN OUR DISPERITION FOR HELP. WE CANT DO WITH OUT HIS HELP

  24. The Speaker of the House, job is to protect the house ,the people, Congress ,etc etc etc… for her to still continue to put the blame on Trump is apostrous. The President and the police asked for troops to help. The Speaker of the House denied it. Who's fault is it????

  25. This is a liars administration in Washington DC. Let’s Go Brandon!

  26. Devil leftist communist socialist criminals organization politicians in Washington DC. Let’s Go Brandon!

  27. I am glad I don't see what you are saying .

  28. Every country around the world has a wall , fence they have something up … Congress does nothing sit on their hands . the oath but no one does anything ever …….

  29. Worried about concerned parents and you leave the southern border wide open. Your socialist agenda is very clear.

  30. I love that behind Ted Cruz those two girls are laughing at Mayorkas😄

  31. Explain inhumanity from security.. over 50,000 illegally children were sent here with out parents.

  32. They did commute a criminal when they came into America illegally………. America can't take in all the refugees in the whole world. When they have not fixed the problems of their own American Citizens. House America's homeless. Fix the problems of the American Citizens. Since this is their country and home. And their tax money. Why are you elected officials trying to fix the problems of people that hold citizenship in other countries.? When you have not met the needs of your own citizens. .??????? . America,?????🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Focus on your own country. American politicians…………🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

  33. Trump hurt durbin , that's why he is putting different issues changing the timeline of events and he knows it.

  34. What we will NEVER KNOW is why on Jan. 6th, 5 Busses of ANTIFA Activists were escorted to the South Side of the Capitol BY THE CAPITOL POLICE. Yet not ONE of these activists, responsible for the bulk of the damage to the Capitol, have been arrested while bystanders have been held for months in solitary confinement without access to legal counsel. Some are still there.

  35. Quit fawning all over each other when you are all failures to the American People.

  36. My your cus might as well stick his hand in his pocket and then smile.

  37. I’ve never seen so many morons who can’t understand that Americans who break laws are separated from their families and that Americans who would put their children in harms way as illegals have done would have their children taken into protective custody!

  38. Mayorkas has turned the Dept of Homeland Security into The Welcome Wagon!

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