Saturday , July 24 2021
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DHS to improve migrant family detention centers

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Kevin K. McAleenan, held a press conference at U.S. Customs and Border Protection headquarters regarding upcoming changes to the Flores ruling. The changes include improving conditions at detention centers for migrant families and to expedite detention hearings.

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  1. Isn't there any way to legally go after the Americans and lawyers that are in Honduras and Guatemala giving these people legal advice and telling them how to get here and what's going to happen. They set up a place in Tijuana where they're doing this! Oscar El blue on Border Network news has been talking about this. He's on the border every single day. People should follow him and you'll see exactly what's going on.

  2. The left thought FEMA detention centers were adequately humane fir patriots, Christians, and the right. As they fill up with illegal immigrants, let us see just how they avoid this double standard. Perhaps while incarcerated, the immigrants could be force-fed conservative political perspectives. The number of SJWs being triggered and their reaction could be the most popular, most entertaining show in town. Get your tickets now.!. Solid entertainment. Ready the popcorn.

  3. I'm sorry, but this is unwise. Now more will come. WE should BUILD THE WALL!

  4. I trust Donald Trump!!!but was angry when I first heard him describe these luxuries!!!

  5. now they are offering an extra square of toilet paper to every child…….touching

  6. Trump is right, rapists are being sent across the border unchecked, and by allowing illegal immigration we are encouraging more sexual assaults which put women and children in an extremely tragic and dangerous situation. But vile liberals don't care, they are disgusting.
    Amnesty International report <Invisible Victims: Migrants on the Move in Mexico>: "All irregular migrants are at risk of abuse, but women
    and children – particularly unaccompanied children –
    are especially vulnerable. They face serious risks of trafficking and sexual assault by criminals, other
    migrants and corrupt public officials. Although few
    cases are officially registered and virtually none are
    ever prosecuted, some human rights organizations and
    academics estimate that as many as six in 10 women
    and girl migrants experience sexual violence during the

  7. Isnt this wonderful. I have personally invited 30 million russians to bring thier families and come over also so we had better triple those facilities and that budget and soon because they will start flooding our airports, shipping ports, boarders etc. I told them all they gave to do for all of the free stuff is vote straight republican ticket and it's yours. They said hell yeah ! In russian. We are going to have to hire about a million school teachers that speak russian and english so your taxes are going to go up a little but hey this is what we do. You will love them once you get to know them. They are going to get special loans and lots of free stuff that American citizens cant have but the really deserve it. So scoot over friends and learn to speak a little russian because we are going to set them up in buisness loans at 1 % interest that American citizens cant have but they deserve it. I just feel so liberated once I started giving our stuff away. I'm actually thinking seriously about 20 or 30 million good irish republicans next month. It just feels so good.


  9. Your spending money on the wrong things!!
    Band-aids and Stiches will not solve the problem.If you would like the answer please respond!!

  10. Is this guy just trying to get people p**St off by listing all these benefits to illegal immigrants? SMH.. this makes no sense.. "AS IN THE PREVIOUS ADMINISTRATION".. our border patrol agents did sign up to stop criminals and that includes people that cross our border illegally. I'm sorry but we have so many of our youth.. our veterans.. living on the streets.. strung out on drugs.. suffering from mental illness.. that have been cast aside and thrown away for many years.. where is the justice in serving foreigners better than serving your own citizens?

  11. WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL FUND THE WALL!!! $25,077,239 of $1.0B goal

  12. The amount of illegal migrants entering the country,one person is responsible, that person is GEORGE SOROS, and he gets away with it,WHY?.

  13. Fox, you have a volume problem with your videos both here and on Fox main channel.

  14. Some of those people are way better off than my homeless fellow Americans … Cowardly greedy liberals have American children and elderlys blood on their greedy corrupt hands…today was 90 degress and there is people on the sidewalks asking for food and money Here in California !!! Shame on you Democrats

  15. We shouldn't be paying any amount of money for benefits of non US citizens. This is why we need the wall, it would stop nearly the entire problem.

  16. no, stop. Kick them out, give no aid to boarder rushers. We are not responsible for their failed countries.

  17. Sad, we are be hijacked. They may get what they are running from here, be mindful what you ask for.

  18. Why don't we as a Nation STOMP ON Central America and demand they offer the same treatment of their citizens? In fact, let's demand all of S. America get their poop in a group, or USA will take over. Making the whole N. S. America be USA!

  19. No need to waste more tax dollars on illegals that should be spent on actual citizens. Deport them all and be done with it.

  20. Well THIS will stop them from WANTING to come here- NOT! Let's just impose Socialism on the whole Country so EVERYONE can get the same treatment! GOOD GRIEF! It should be just the OPPOSITE, by not giving ANY benefits. THAT is what will stop them from coming.

    FROM our TAXES


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