Did a White House adviser contradict himself on the definition of a recession?

Kentucky Rep. James Comer and former Trump economic adviser Steve Moore weigh in on the Federal Reserve increasing interest rates and a CNN poll reporting 75% of Democratic voters want ‘someone other than Biden in 2024’ on ‘The Evening Edit.’
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  1. Reccession is based on a lot of things. Most people aren't educated in economics to know if we're in reccession that is why White House is defining it

  2. Brian Deese, yesterday: "Two negative quarters of GDP growth is not the technical definition of recession.”
    Deese, 2008: “Economists have a technical definition of recession, which is two consecutive quarters of negative growth.”

  3. Germany was not the United Statess

  4. The senate will be right or I fear they wont be any left

  5. Is the white house not the house of contradiction

  6. So you are fighting inflation, but you are going to add more fuel, cash to it?? How they can do this when the economy is at a brink of the worst recession in decades. Powell was disgusting yesterday saying we are not in a recession because of the job numbers. Well all I hear around is companies cutting jobs!!! What the fck is wrong with these guys?

  7. keep it up democrats good job keep screwing the american people they all deserve it because they put those moron democrats in power so good job biden

  8. Sorry congressman it's not too much stimulus it's was all the pork in the bill that was not needed that should have not been in the stimulus bill then you wouldn't of had all these issues with inflation

  9. We are clearly in a recession regardless of what the technical definition is. When they come out with the official designation in 6-12 months they will confirm this is a recession. All this spin does is buy Biden more time to do NOTHING to get us out of this recession!

  10. A cost of living recession, exactly! Biden's lackeys want to pretend it's not a recession because unemployment hasn't spiked, but prices are skyrocketing! Everyone is feeling the recession that Biden is denying.

  11. you morons voted for this insanity, 81,000,000 people voted for this corpse more than for the quisling Barack Obamie, you believe that?

  12. After two years biden had his first positive result! Unfortunately it was his covid test!

  13. Walk away Joe at it again.

  14. I asked before I buy it do I need it or do I want it and I ask that question twice before I buy

  15. Vote all Dem's and Republicans that keep voting for all this money that the American people pay for their salies and we're getting the shaft in it all.
    This doesn't affect the millionaires and billionaires and Congress and house representative because they are over paid by the American people

  16. These politicians are out of touch with real life – their expenses are not the same – their taxes are not the same – even their insurance is not the same – they couldn’t survive the way we do if they had to – and they should have to – electric cars?! Mask wearing BS I’m done !!!

  17. The taxpayers didn’t put us into a recession or borrow $30 trillion with no plans to pay it back… it shouldn’t be the taxpayers that bail us out.

  18. inflation is transitory. Recession and Wuhan virus needs to be redefined and goes away. Flat earth is back based on Liberal World Order cult.

  19. the great fight is coming whose side are you on the human race or this unfit government?