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DiGenova, Toensing react to the upcoming Mueller hearing

DiGenova & Toensing’s Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova on how a FBI spreadsheet kept track of M16 agent Christopher Steele’s claims about President Trump’s possible collusion with Russia.

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  1. Can't stand Napolitano who is a Trump hater of the first order pushing the democrats disastrous agenda but passing himself off as an unbiased commentator. Someone get rid of this loser judge.

  2. All that Mueller show needed was a willing "puttana e un mulino".🐴

  3. Hey Fox where's dershowitz? Trying to help Epstein? Or is he just banging children himself? He's been accused of it numerous times by the same people who have accused Epstein. Get him off your show. Your viewers have been saying this for years now

  4. Cohen doesn't seem to be a very good lawyer.

  5. Now that I heard Mueller testify, I know exactly why they kept him there, and extended his tour so that he could have 12 years is the FBI director. I think he's suffering from dementia, and is feckless to the extreme. As you listen to him oh, you got the understanding that he did not get involved in any shape, manner, or form. They would just tell him sign here, and he would sign.

  6. The 2 Mueller hearings were so surreal.

  7. These dumb Democrats have all but guaranteed a trump win in 20 20

  8. Blessings Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing – Mueller is not above the Law and when he answered "I am not going to answer we know the answer!

  9. Crimes committed for sure on the unverified dossier! Agree Bill Barr told the folks in NY that no crime was committed and they are the ones that are guilty here! Mueller left his cellphone in the Oval Office when he left the meeting. So how did he get clearance to go into that meeting with his phone when they always collect all cellphone's before they enter a meeting with the President! Go figure! You can't trust Mueller and I think that William Barr will have a message that's going to be absolutely unforgettable!!

  10. he's a real AG who's protecting his buddies in the 3 letter agencies – he's not doing diddly

  11. it's nice to hear that SDNY is afraid of BARR

  12. It was almost over before we heard the term “witch hunt”.

  13. Feckless is the perfect word for Jeff Sessions, and frankly all RINOs.

  14. Wouldn't it make sense for these 2 attys to make known revealing questions in the Mueller hearing? If hard questions aren't asked, the whole bunch are corrupt and complicit in obstruction.

  15. rules don't apply here. these people are poshest demons and need to be rounded up and destroyed including the media circus . no joke even bill described hillery to be a " shes a real demond that one " cut there heads off with there own gillowtinnens

  16. One question no one has asked anybody ..is why do these Dems and FBI CIA ..want trump out so badly..what is so important that they want him out so much …why DOSENT anyone ask this question ….the CIA basically tell the fake media like CNN AND MSNBC ..what to say ..operation MOCKINGBIRD ..ITS STILL HERE

  17. The only thing all this has produced so far is a shitload of books! WTF!

  18. Can't wait to hear him say this is the biggest mistake the Dems are making he can not say anything he no the rep are waiting for him answer that they don't want you to hear the Dems can't lead him on those questions an he has to answer what a mistake

  19. thank you for President Trump to make the US better and greater…
    Hope God will punish all the stupid Dems and put them in jail for good… oh btw, do not waste our tax money to feed them when they were in jail. Execute them all for good…

  20. I wish these 3 were questioning Mulehead.

  21. BIG DEM RHETORIC SLOGAN ~~~ "No One Is Above The Law"….trying to give the implication that there is some "there" – "there"….lol

  22. most americans already hold barr in contempt.. wonder how many times he had to blow trump to get the job…

  23. All democrats in office now should be in PRISON. God bless PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP re-elect 2020 and republicans across the board

  24. This is getting really good. People are going down

  25. William Campbell/Uranium one served up on a platter, Victoria dropped the ball in the end zone. Slam dunk to cross Mueller, dream opportunity, All they will ask why did you have all democrats on your team. Why did you drag out investigation past mid terms. Talk about swatting a mosquito. Nothing to see here. Move along whitey, go back to work while elites and welfare cases laugh at how gullible you are.

  26. The goal of the hearing is not truth.

    The goal is to keep someone, somewhere talking about the fake investigation so the Dums can have more to misinterpret and conflate with high crimes and misdemeanors.

  27. Barr needs to shut these Freaks down and their circus or America will never recover from the treason and from the destruction coming from within.. !

  28. I'm expecting Nadler to try to censure all Republican questions while allowing softball questions from the Democrat clowns. That is, if Mueller doesn't reply other than to state his 5th amendment rights!

  29. And that part about mueller leaving the phone….WTF? If that’s true, which I doubt joe is making it up out of whole cloth then that needs to be really brought front and center!

  30. So glad to hear Joe D call out the former traffic court judge..for spouting clap trap. Napolitano is a hack, something also changed with him. He used to come out and seemed somewhat fair or objective towards the president. Then fox suspended him for saying the brits were part of the spying on the trump team I believe it was. He came back from that suspension and something had changed, he know twists himself into a pretzel on every issue in order to find a way to side against the president, some of the “analysis” he has offered up since then have been real head scratchers..it’s become predictable now that anytime there is some court preceding or pending decision having to do with the administration that when you see “the judge” on set you can be sure he’s going to paint the administration as in the wrong. I’ve heard rumors that he wanted to be placed on the list of potential Supreme Court nominees I’ve also heard it had something to do with his buddy shep smith so who knows what the real reason is, point is he drastically changed, I never liked him in the first place but the change is apparent I don’t know why fix continues to bring him on. I’m not saying that you can’t or shouldn’t be critical of the president I’m just saying that he seems to go out of his way and invoke ridiculous legal theories in order to do so

  31. I love America and I love my present God bless you mr. Trump

  32. Do FISA court judges have any integrity? Don't they know that the FBI fed them fraudulent applications? Why haven't they shut down the FBI? They must be totally Deep State corrupt or compromised.

  33. History will not be kind to the mentally deranged antics of the Democrat-Socialist Party.

  34. Sure wish Gowdy was still around to be on that panel questioning Mueller.

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