Disappearance of S.C. woman may be linked to Gilgo Beach suspect

The daughter of Julia Ann Bean, last seen in 2017, says she saw her mother enter a vehicle similar to one owned by Gilgo Beach murder suspect Rex Heuermann.

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  2. Um um um let’s not just fish facts are many men use the apps the Craig list the back pages over the years to get dates through lies now when your drugging drinks and doing videos of gang rapes etc you know there are many evil many killers but your saying this guy did these ones um ok but just one killing should get you hung so the real evil is all cops that let it go on

  3. i feel like this is going to be a lot like the casey anthony trials

  4. MAY be linked. I’ve heard this story for the past two months. When will there actually be an update? STOP REPORTING THE SAME EFFING STORY!!!

  5. I love how they show it I really do

  6. The guy looks like Trump with a black wig….Do a DNA test….

  7. Check out at burning man….she may have bean there

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  9. I have a feeling he maybe what they call in law enforcement a “serial” killer, this simply means they have killed a number of people,that is where the “serial” comes from.Because it means number. Thank you

  10. The host’s dress is gorgeous!

  11. Him and Trump look and act like brothers. Wouldn't be surprised if this guy is one of Trump's father illegitimate sons. Heck it is Manhattan. 🤔

  12. This could be the gilgo beach killer calling the stern show.


  13. They talk so fast, I thought I had the speed setting up.

  14. He did it. Cause they were on to him in new york. So to feed the need he went to south Carolina.

  15. The evil oozes in his face

  16. Keeping Bad Whitey in the National Spotlight

    Jews got stories
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  17. He's only charged woth 3 or 4 murders….what happened to the other bodies he allegedly dumped? No connection ehh? Hmmm…so theres another out there. Thats the real story.

  18. FBI is struggling to cover up the corruption still. Police were taking money from him in exchange for not arresting him. When the facts come out people will ask how many murders that caused.

  19. Gotta love this trial by media. "May be" linked. So basically, we know nothing, but we have to have that sweet ad revenue no matter what the cost.

  20. She looks similar to a younger version of his wife.

  21. he should’ve subverted his desires by taking an ice cold shower every morning.

  22. Usual suspect they all look alike