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Disney star Cameron Boyce’s parents on last time they saw their son | ABC News

Victor and Libby Boyce speak exclusively to ABC News’ Robin Roberts about the special memories of their 20-year-old son and how they plan to keep his legacy alive.


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  1. rip cameron boyce atleaast his in a better place

  2. I had a dream he came back to life and then there was a loud noise in my house and I woke up from that dream I hugged him and asked how he came back😖😖😭😭😢😢😢😢💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  3. I can't even imagine how difficult it is to lose a child. Sending love and prayers to the Boyce family during this terrible time. I'm so sorry.

  4. Hes not gone
    Hes just waiting for us at the finish line

  5. The sad part is Cameron had his own house with his roommates and his family didn’t see him die but his roommates did


  7. I am so lucky I got to meet him 😭 rip ily😭🤧😇

  8. Cameron :(((
    We All Love You I Just Got Into The Descendants And I Miss Him Wish He Was Here 🥺😢

  9. As someone who didn’t start having seizures until 16 and only has them in their sleep this has been scary and eye opening. What strength these parents have to share his story. This story has brought awareness for so many of us suffering from epilepsy to speak openly and research more about Sudep (sudden unexpected death from epilepsy). Nuerologist’s haven’t spoke about it frequently enough until after Cameron’s death. Like many others on here said, when you’re in a seizure you don’t know it and believe he went in peace. I hope his parents can find a little peace with that thought. Sending love & prayers to them and all others suffering with epilepsy.

  10. why does it have to be that the most amazing people that suffer

  11. That's terrible. When I first heard of his passing, I didn't believe the news. RIP Cameron boyce.

  12. fortnite burger

    edit: i regret saying fortnite burger this is actually sad asf

  13. “Usually a son says that about his father” no shit dumb bitch why u making it worse and smilin in they face while saying it

  14. I'm happy Cameron left something bigger than him.
    That's how he won't be forgotten🙂

  15. Cameron is so amazing so don’t be sad because he’s gone be happy because he was here the world doesn’t get many like him the 20 years he was alive was the best 20 years the world will ever have and one day we will all see him in the stars ✨ Cameron was the worlds angel some said he was taken 2 soon but god took him for a reason cameron was needed in heaven . Cameron will never be forgotten because the people who loved him will keep his spirit alive . He love you cameron ❤️❤️

  16. 😖😖😖😖😖😖😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😰😱

  17. Epilepsy seizures isn't fun. U can die from seizure

  18. My friend’s classmate had a seizure during break had to go to a hospital hopefully no we can all bring awareness

  19. I love you so much from cam parents
    Came said he thanked his parents for all the love he was given His dream was to have peace 🕊 in the world so let's donate in Cameron foundation something like that finally short go see in The Bio of Karan Brar😅

  20. I’m sorry I really am. This must be so so so hard for there parents, losing their precious boy 😭 and also out to all the jessie family I’m with you guys forever even when death takes me

  21. His parents are very brave as their pain is unbearable. There was guidance that night as to why you were blessed with his presence for time of love and laughter. He will be Greatly Missed by So Many. There's no reason why cuz the answer is always the same. Nobody understands. Such a Wonderful, Giving, Talented, Wise old Soul that accomplished more in his 20yrs that I have 54. Yes folks it's ok to watch Disney at my age. Too much violence in most TV shows tday. Thoughts and Prayers for him and his family. RIP Cameron. 🙏🏼😇😥💐

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