Displaced families in Gaza living in a chicken coop for safety

Three families, displaced from their homes in Gaza City, have found refuge at a poultry farm in Rafah. They told an NBC News crew that despite the smell and the rain, a chicken coop was better than living outside.

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  1. Why is floor cement instead of sawdust ?Chicken's need sawdust so feet don't get sore. I had chicken pets growing up .

  2. My parents were chicken farmers, and that's a great idea . Chickens need water every day and water, which every chicken farmers have plenty. Looks like they cleaned up a little.

  3. ❤❤❤😢😢❤❤ oh Allah help these innocent people ❤❤❤

  4. Meanwhile, the leader of the October 7th butchers lives in 4 star luxury, gorging himself on meat and sweets with bloody hands in his private jet.

  5. Are you Happy yet Israel? You of all races should know and realize this is so wrong

  6. should'nt have started that war….huh

  7. 😮what did they do to the chickens 🐥 Chickens have rights too🎉

  8. Fund ukraine and Israel Republicans fault

  9. Children suffer for adults' actions. Hamas doesnt care

  10. Thanks to Joe Biden supporting the genocide in Gaza. I will be voting for whoever can remove him from office in November.

  11. Is this in NY? seems all the migrants there are attacking citizens.

  12. Little girl performing for attention was priceless. ♥️

  13. Still better than the homeless here in our own country

  14. Looks like supporting Hamas has consequences!

  15. Can't wait for Tucker's Putin Interview

  16. The US government stands with Netanyahu and his “Collective Punishment”.

  17. Israel will consider this Hamas infrastructure.

  18. Maybe supporting terrorism was a bad idea?

  19. Just like Latino migrants at the borders

  20. They will blame Israel and the rest of the world before they blame the true culprits: Hamas

  21. Fresh eggs aplenty, yet they complain.

  22. Sympathy to fellow Palestinians