Wednesday , September 30 2020
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DMV offices are reportedly selling personal information

FBN’s Grady Trimble on DMV offices across the country reportedly selling personal information to private companies.

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  1. So let's get this right big companies that sell our personal information get busted but the DMV can get away with this outrageous and bs.

  2. Ohio just sold Florida a hidden camera ticket I got back in 2014 and now I'm being forced to pay for a 4 hour basic driving improvement course. What a joke.

  3. The real question now is: what are the states doing with the money? Let's audit and make sure the money earned is being used appropriately.

  4. Social security card and citizenship paper are sold by the American people to gain benefits into the social security administration fund. Crime pay USA.

  5. At least they are making money!?????? They need arrested! What is going to be done about it!? People can be stalked this way?

  6. Of course they are. Our rulers believe we’re nothing but cattle.

  7. Screw us 2 or 3 times at the dmv..again when youve gone.

  8. Everyone is making money except the regular American citizens

  9. This has been going on forever in fl

  10. Why not?! Google does it!

  11. DMV does not have my permission to give out my private information!!!!

  12. That's crappy!! What's next?????

  13. This is fake and propaganda news. State can not do this because they get sued

  14. YouTube is suppressing audio on this video.

  15. Next time you visit the DMV, arrive early when the employees do and photograph every employee license plate, then go inside and get every employee face. Post your pics online with adsense so you can make money on them. Link to everyone who does this and be sure to share the links so we can all get rich off their faces.

  16. Why would anyone give this a thumbs up?
    This is a Very bad thing people!

  17. Comey wasn't held accountable. No one has to follow the law anymore. Our swamp DOJ is to blame.

  18. Do you see how they laugh, as if it's funny? They do that as propaganda, they laugh you laugh. Nothing to see here.

  19. The states all need more money to pay for the "freebies" – for sure not the only thing they are selling

  20. Yet people want to have the government run their health-care!!!

  21. yet roads are in bad repair, they give illegal immigrants voter registration, and a drivers license instead of turning them in to authorities,(aiding and abating a criminal). But legal citizens are being sold out for their own greed

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