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DNC chair on future of the Democratic Party

Tom Perez talks about the future of the Democratic Party and President-elect Joe Biden’s victory.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. Delusions of Grandeur……….NO state has even been certified. What will all happen when things are flipped for Trump? Where is the Russian collusion now? Get ready……..there will be NO socialism in American. 7M veterans agree. Enjoy the show.

  3. The matter is that American people's and the world were sicking with Trump administrations.

  4. Democrats, all they know is instilling fear, threats, violence. They have proved it over and over again. Adult children trying to run the country. Tantrum throwing. You want to rid this nation of police, so you can continue your ”lawlessness.” Can you imagine if Trump won. Rioting in the streets, burning things down. They are hypocrites.

  5. The Democrats know nothing about unity

  6. 1:48 I stopped my job thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  7. https://youtu.be/_iXIADiDb_Q
    Just praying for your sins to be forgiven, and saying the name of Jesus at the end of your prayer will not make your sins that are red as scarlet be white as snow. In this time of disaster and pandemic like COVID-19 Fathe God is calling you now to come before His Word, and be guided into all Truth through the Spirit of Truth, and truly wash away your sins!!

  8. Whatever, white domination is demeaning, ordinary Americans don’t unrobe to check their complexion, they need food, cloths and lodge. Poor people’s demand is always socialism or anti American, they can’t ask for medical treatment, they can’t ask for higher education but only punitive judgments.

  9. America does it bother you that JOE BIDEN:
    Lied to you about being arrested in South Africa with Nelson Mandela?
    Lied to you about marching in the Civil Right Movement
    Lied to you about Incarceration of Black Men
    Lied to you about attending Black College
    Lied to you about knowing anything about his son dealings in Ukraine
    Lied to you about his sons business
    America you talk about character, what about your character?

  10. You guys are going to start a civil war

  11. Your future is socialism, which can lead to Communism fast. Biden isn't President-elect. It's not constitutional for the media to call an election.

  12. All i see is a RED WAVE
    You can clearly see the election map is bright RED.

  13. By voting for Biden, you are allowing the CCP China to continue its evil actions and atrocities to its own people, as well as the rest of the World.
    1. bullying the World; South China Sea, India, Australia, EU, Canada … actually, almost the entire World.
    2. Grabbing territories of other countries in Russia, Pakistan, India, and the whole of Asia, Don't forget grabbing Chinese properties especially in Guangdong.
    3. Persecution of religious people, Mainly Fa x Lun x Gong practitioners, Muslims, and Christians.
    4. You would be adhering to CCP policies of bullying, lying, cheating, stealing (IPR), killing, fetal abortion, wolf warrior diplomacy, debt trap diplomacy, etc.
    5. Ethnic and Cultural Genocide of Uyghurs, Tibetans, Inner Mongolians , etc.
    6. Forced organ harvesting, forced abortion, forced Labor,
    7. CCP causing division in America. Divide and Conquer 👍
    8. CCP … Cut, Copy, Paste

    By voting for Biden, America will deeply suffer and regret it: https://youtu.be/fmVGDjc379g

    Biden and Harris support China , and that will result in the downfall of America and the rest of the World .
    Biden just got caught in China's web for being a Communist supporter.
    https://youtu.be/v5F9a5dc-R0 1 yr ago
    watch the film "Riding with the Dragon"
    … … … … …
    *Don't forget that China always uses the principles of
    <Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.>
    That's why China has made friends with Biden and Harris for many years now.

    Biden and Harris support China , and that will result in the downfall of America and the rest of the World .
    https://youtu.be/_jI-Kr9_qCs Biden hates black people, calls them predators.

    CCP China is the enemy systematically dividing Americans. The CCP is just laughing at Americans for having their violent protests, lootings, and shootings. This is clear victory for CCP China.

    NEVER FORGET WHAT DEMOCRACY MEANS: Never forget what it means to have Freedom.

  14. Globalism, Socialism and Anti Constitutionalism is what’s on the Dems docket.

  15. Stop calling Biden president elect. He’s not and the election isn’t over. Lies need to stop and the truth will and has been coming out. Joe frauden your caught and trump will win

  16. The democrat party is a bunch of crooks and some people too stupid to live in a free country. It's over.

  17. Hey now that we voted you guys didn't mentioned nothing about 2nd stimulus package, hell with everyone come together, America needs it, most everyone is homeless hungry etc.
    Bidens Harris speech was great but didn't say one word about stimulus you got our vote, now f..ck America, we always get it up the ass from both parties.

  18. No se como ellos se están declarando ganadores sabiendo que isiero fraude hubiero algunos de ellos que llamaron por teléfono algunos votante que voten por ellos ,pero yo creo que era decisión de la persona votar por el candidato que ellos querían sin embargo estuvieron en algunas compañías amenazando que si no votaban por Biden podía perder su trabajo,eso no es elecciones limpias al contrario son sucias a hora uno se se da cuenta que estos demonios son los que tienen el país dividido usan eso para atacar a Trump,y gual que el covi de donde vino de los comunista y tambien lo usan para atacar,porque no dicen de donde viene todas esas protestas y delincuencia y caravanas y porque John Bide no de tuvo a obama cuando deportó dies millones de indocumentados ,de eso los medios no hablan

  19. There is no future for the DNC period. They already have lost. DNC party is about to DISSOLVE for good, and so is the mainstream media.

  20. China is going to own America if Biden is president!

  21. Go back to sleep Joe
    I’ll call you when it’s over 🤣

  22. Going down in flames😂😂

  23. I did know the media voted for the president? I thought that United States Citizens did with their LEGAL and untampered with votes did😱😱😱😱

  24. Trump was right days after election cure boom vaccine 💉 weird right 🤔

  25. You didn't win. Penn. just flipped!

  26. The DNC isn't for the people.

  27. Are you tired of all the activities surrounding Donald Trump’s presidency?
    Good news! You are about to enter into 4 years of nothing happening…except people blaming others.

  28. Biden will never be sworn in.

  29. Democrats call everyday people deplorable so how can that be unuty

  30. Future of Democrat Party is destruction. Once all the fraud, anomalies, and laws that were broken are brought out in court, the Democrats will be shown for what they are. Check out Benford’s Law. It’s how forensic cpas determine if manipulation of numbers has occurred. It doesn’t prove fraud but it tells investigators where to look. Massive vote manipulation happened in the ten swing states, all of which were done by one side…..I’ll give you one guess which side.

  31. China wont congratulate biden bc they know it isnt gonna happen

  32. There will be no meaningful democratic party after this. They are lying traitors and will pay for their treason against the American people

  33. Learning Chinese is what’s in store

  34. I love how news media is completely ignoring that the presidential race hasn't been called yet…. smh

  35. The Democrats have no future. The far left you catered to is already beginning to turn on you

  36. Really wont be good after the Supreme Court rules in

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