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Do Not Be Stupid | Fitness and Health are About Your Choices Nothing More

#EffYourLogicStandards #DietsDoNotWork #DoNotBeFooled

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  1. Eat your vegetables, eat your vegetables, eat your F@#!:.g vegetables!!

  2. The majority of the reason people gain the weight back is because they don’t get onto lifestyles that are actually sustainable. Or they don’t stick to those lifestyles so then they say “Well, 95-98% of all people gain the weight!” But they fail to acknowledge the fact that that means some people don’t gain the weight back. Let’s look at their stories, shall we!

  3. 100% right but the insulting its unnecessary old man.

  4. Are you going to do a video on David Morin?

  5. what made this video even better was the ad before it started which said that working out isn't the solution.

  6. A part of changing your lifestyle is changing your diet

  7. I eat like 4000 cal a day and I’m slim af

  8. Stop trying to save the dumb people. We have an overpopulation problem and the dumb ones are reproducing at a faster rate. Just let nature take care of itself.

  9. BRUH✊😎

    This video should be shown non stop for an hour every day in every household in every country.

    Probably for about a month so it maybe sinks in for the most mentally dense.

  10. Who is that guy in the thumbnail?

  11. I disagree with your initial statement. People were always complete idiots. Just now theyre more organised with the internet

  12. You mean I don’t get to eat pizza and drink beer everyday and be healthy?!!!

    How dare you Alan.

  13. Love the rants- I needed a healthy dose of common sense. Do you have a channe or playlistl for nutrition and exercise? (Can't find one) I'm not quite ready to purchase the program being a pregnant person, but I would love to still learn.

  14. Lol sorry for the extra E😂

  15. Most diets do work. What doesn’t work 95% of the time is to stick to them.

  16. “We are machines and they need the proper fuel” 👌🏻👍🏻

  17. It's not just stupidity in the health/fitness realm, it's all over. Dietary choices are getting worse and worse, work ethic is going down because of pure laziness. Society is in a place of entitlement because there aren't enough people like you who aren't afraid to speak the truth. People are too focused on trying not to offend people and not about correcting people's attitudes and laziness! 🤬🤬🤬

  18. Whyyyyy? I eat healthy. I'm 5'5 and weigh 114 pounds and I still have a tummy. Yes, I do exercise. I do cardio Monday through Sunday.

  19. You swear too much in my humble opinion

  20. man I curse a lot but you beat me hands down on your constant slurs. its almost hard to listen to your message.

  21. People think that Kali Muscle is natty ,are you really that shocked?

  22. You the man that is absolutely one hundred percent right we think because we fail the diet plan failed us first and that's not right have to stick to it life style change ,everyone wants to change but not put the work in.

  23. That intro is me at least once a week, lol. Sadly, there will always be an endless supply of stupidity in the world.

  24. just a question about dieting to loose weight. In the last 3 months or so, I've been living on an average of 18-1900 kcals pr day, and I've lost around 30 punds, but in the last 3 weeks I haven't lost a single pound. Should I have an "off period" where I try to eat closer to maintenance? I don't know nearly enough about nutrition and metabolism to make an informed choice about this, so just wondering.

  25. Can you make video about tony huge?

  26. Now I really really enjoyed this video..

  27. You got a door, you got a gym.

  28. We keep trying to reinvent the wheel when it works perfectly fine. A little cardio, weight training or calisthenics or a mix of both , whatever works for you , the big one stop shoveling piles of garbage in your mouth meaning portion control, and repeat.

  29. A friend and I were having this conversation. She's struggling to lose weight and I've been slowly on my fitness journey and she had told me she bought a fat burner that she saw on Instagram. I was like nooooo, I know you want to lose weight but that's not the way to work at losing it. All that's going to do is make your heart palpitate and give you diarrhea. She was just tired of how long is been taking her to lose and just tired of working out and honestly I'm gonna have to to show her this because you're so right about everything!


  31. People still believe in waist trainers and it honestly boggles my mind

  32. I've been at it for 3 years now. Yes it's boring, yes it's hard, yes it takes discipline…but you know what? Every victory is SO SWEET because I earned it, and no one can claim their shake or fad diet helped me. I did this on my own with the love and support of my hubby. There are no shortcuts.
    That 95% statistic was a study of 100 people in the 1950's…and even that small number was flawed.

  33. People are scared of work. Anyone can go to to the gym, run, take a class etc. Yet the actual work comes in when the progress slows, your mates not going with you, you've had a rough day, your tired, only a few hours sleep, things on back home. This is when you get to work. This when your character and mental toughness is tested; continuing in the face of adversity.

  34. I really needed your video today lol, I had a bit of a slip on my diet and sometimes I need an angry bald man to make sure my slip doesn't turn into a landslide.

  35. So how can one lose weight and body fat if they can't workout due to their age and past surgeries? It's for my uncle.

  36. if you're looking for "diet advice" that will actually help: stop drinking soda. just soda. drink the iced tea, drink the kool aid, drink the coffee and the milk… just not soda. in fact, stop thinking of soda as a drink entirely. it's not a beverage, it's candy.

  37. A year ago I was weighing 270 pounds. I loved sodas and eating. One day I looked in the mirror and finally realized I’m killing myself. I cut out soda and cut down my eating to two meals a day. I go to the gym almost everyday. I’m now down to 187. I’m happy for the work that I’ve done. You can achieve anything with hard work and dedication.

  38. But, VSHREDS said I can just put hot sauce on my pizza and the fat will melt away.

  39. I was like back then. The ab tronic if anyone remembers that back in 2002, thought it would give me abs. Wrong. You need to work out on your own.

  40. A vshred ad came up at the end of the video 😭💀

  41. Vshreds ad about bodytypes before video 😂😂

  42. It's because they on a diet, not a nutrition plan. 😂

  43. Thanks for the eye opener, been unmotivated because of my family and things going on. Haven't been pushing myself, now I will. Thanks again Alan.

  44. My friend. I find it ironic. You advocate healthy lifestyle and here you are dying under stress of trying to make people smart about fitness. Hehehe. In all seriousness. I agree with the message, and I admire your passion, but man you got to relax a bit. 🙂

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