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Do This Everyday To Lose Weight | 2 Weeks Shred Challenge

First episode of my new program for this month! I realised from the latest before/after results video that a lot of people tend to do just 1-2 weeks instead of the whole 4 weeks programs. You obviously won’t lose as much weight or get as much results, but a 2 weeks program is easier to commit to, and you can always do it twice!

Enjoy the workout guys!

NOTE: The schedule officially starts Monday, 12th August, but I added a pre-released schedule if you want to start TODAY (the date i publish this!)

Find schedule here:

☆2 Weeks Shred Challenge☆
EP#1 – 13 Mins HIIT Workout – THIS VIDEO
EP#2 – Abs in 2 weeks –
EP#3 – Arms & Core –
EP#4 – Lower Body –

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  1. Enjoy the new program! As always, full schedule can be found at:
    It includes 5 days extra so you can start TODAY, as the 2 weeks schedule starts from Monday (12/08).

    Working on other programs so stay tuned!

  2. ok so im going to record my progress here :

  3. Alright, alright, let's glow up during the coronabreak!
    WEEK 1
    Day 1: I think I lost my lungs somewhere in between those two videos but I've managed to finish them. I also did lot of those low impact versions.
    Day 2:

  4. I am startinggg today!!
    Lets gooo girlss!! We can doo ittt🔥

    Also me smashinggg pauseee after every exercise!

  5. i'm on day 3 and my body feel sore like hell

  6. Day1 I have tried my best🙆😩 😂😂 i am not in form at all. I hate planks😩

  7. Day1: i took some breaks but i did it all Day2 my body hurts i am taking more breaks but i am doing some movement i wasnot able to do yesterday so far i hate this 😂😂😂

  8. Tell me why I always wait until two in the morning to do this.

  9. Shoutout to all my 30yr olds panting like 60yrs olds and sweating like an 18 yr old teenage boy

  10. So since We're on lockdown mode till April 15 let's get this bread!!!


    • Day -1: It was not that hard for me coz I've been doing her challenges before but I always leave them in middle so ig my stamina has increased a lil'? But the planks always kill me, RIP my arms (i know my form is wrong)😭 my abs are hurting but no pain no gain~

    Stay tuned for Day 2~~

  11. Hi guys. Just a little bit about my self for some context. I’m 16 years old and I’m turning 17 in 5 months and I weight 109kg and I am 5’8. I come from a fat family and I struggle so much to lose weight. I was a dancer for 13 years and i would be at dance 6 days a week for 3-4 hours which included fitness days and strength and conditioning days. I was also really into sport like netball, soccer, afl, futsal and touch. Even though I did all that sport I was always still fat. I stopped all that about 2 years ago and I have definitely put on weight. I find it really had to just push myself when doing exercise like I’ll go to workout and I’ll do 5 squat and I just give up and go back to bed. Im going to be doing the program for the 2 week shred challenge and I really hope this can work for me and I’m going to do daily updates 🙂

    Day 1: weight – 109, I struggled so bad. I did the thing were I wanted to give up after the first 10 secs in this video but I pushed myself through. I didn’t do everyone exercise for the full duration cause I could only push myself to do 10-15secs per exercise but I made sure that I at least attempted all them. I also go through 90% ab video and I did the same things with all the exercises. Oh well I’m proud that I didn’t just quit and hopefully I can do better tomorrow x

  12. this is i think my 7th day and i kinda need motivation 👉🏻👈🏻 help me🥺

  13. this girl knows her shit man

  14. Day 1: Not gonna lie, I was light headed during the workout and was now in set two. The set 1 was okay, it's easy but then after in the middle of set two my head is dizzy. This is the first time that I became light headed during workout.

  15. I'm gonna try keep track of mine here:

    Day 1: ✅ Its really hard and I'm dying
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:
    Day 8:
    Day 9:
    Day 10:
    Day 11:
    Day 12:
    Day 13:
    Day 14:

  16. Good morning..i just want to ask something stupid. 😛 We need to do the same program to see results or if we do different programs there are results, too??and don't forget to have a normal diet…

  17. I really can't go through the whole workout without taking too much breaks and i can't do it everyday sucks to be so out of shape

  18. am i the only one who thought it would be simple but ended up sweating like a pig

  19. This workout made me realize how bout of shape I was

  20. Chloe: and now the last exercise


    Chloe: for set one…


  21. aight ima do this
    day 1 : This was hard asf like my body couldn't handle all of this. i only did 2 sets
    day 2:
    day 3:
    day 4 :
    day 5 :
    day 6:
    day 7:
    day 8:
    day 9:
    day 10:
    day 11:
    day 12:
    day 13:
    day 14:

  22. after completing 7 days of the 14 days challenge, I weighed myself and instead gained 2kg of weight. why is this so?

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