Thursday , November 26 2020
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Do Trump's explosive tweets play a role in the market?

Orion Advisor Services CIO Rusty Vanneman points out market indicators that range from Trump’s tweets to sentiment.

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  1. Liz has been another Trump hater over the years.

  2. Biggest market manipulation is media. 👁

  3. Yeah that’s like investing in five games of 21 at the same time you’re not likely to get any decent outcomes out of that it’s just gonna cost yet but load

  4. Trump/Pence 2020.
    Go TRUMP love your tweets.

  5. It cant have anything to do with constant attacks and negative press right? Ridiculous. If the President didnt tweet, America wouldnt be truthfully informed about anything. The American people deserve some decent, accurate, professionally journalistic nonbiased news sources pleeeease!

  6. Lol of course. His tweets move the market. If you didn’t know this, you are a fool.

  7. Fox setting up Trump getting kicked off Twitter! Fox NO LONGER FAIR AND BALANCED.😡🤬

  8. I can't count how many times Obama shut markets down and Americans lost their wealth and later found he was doing it for profit, imagine that! Trump's just trying to get Americans a clean slate there's so many that's done us wrong and trump's names not in it ,imagine that! So true

  9. Democrats wants to raise taxes. President Trump wants tax cuts who's gonna win? Wherever it's cheaper for me

  10. DEMOCRAT'S Fourth Debate: On one hand, Julian "Chicken Little" Castro said, "I DUCKED in the backseat of my parents vehicle, when I heard Gun shots in my neighborhood". On the other hand, Homeowners in my Subdivision have Guns, including five (5) AR 15's. The irony is WE NEVER HEAR GUN SHOTS. 😃

  11. So, the market pulse is Trump's tweets? lmao. I thought i was watching CNN for a moment.

  12. Trumps tweets are seen world over, as for them influencing the market I doubt it.

    It influences people which brings about social media, which then in turn governs mainstream media, which then in turn bolsters the will of the people, inspires and enhances their belief.

    Even when Trump receives hatred or lies as in fake news, he's still getting his name mentioned and so he's seen as the number one person talked about world over.

    If you can make money on a keyword.. then Trump would surely deliver.

  13. Looking forward to Just The Tweets Vol. 3. And no, they're keeping the market balanced to prevent the fake recession that's been talked about since the early 90's or so.

  14. # of days Trump deserve in jail?

  15. His Tweets are candid, not explosive!!

  16. The only thing that's explosive is the fact that PRICES ARE GOING UP!!!! DO YOUR JOB!!!!



  18. The USA economy is thriving the past few years and Trump’s tweeting behaviour isn’t different from the beginning till the end!
    And now this nobody says Trump’s tweets are negative for Wallstreet?????
    Maybe a little bit, but it seems in my eyes the tweets are certainly not bad for Wallstreet! Or at least not that influencing as this nobody says!
    Btw, this is the first president who is extremely open to the public! What’s wrong with that!!!! Or does one prefer the sneakiness and viciousness of the leftists? Easy choice!!!

  19. So the media crying out every few minutes about a possible crash or a recession is not a factor?

  20. The President of the United States
    put America First ,
    such a Great President !

  21. Democrats need to let go of usmc pass this so more jobs to come through…..& we want direct contact with our president, so don't blame it on his tweets yo suck

  22. Thanks Trump for that 1% gain in market since Jan 2018, it might be 97% less gains than Obama during same time, but I like mean tweets more than making money.

  23. Thank God for President Trump! He's been a Godsend. The man is a Genius!

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