Do you trust Dems with energy prices?: Rep. Kevin Brady

Rep. Kevin Brady discusses the Biden administration’s energy policies and the GOP’s plan for tax reform on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’

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  1. I don’t know how long it will be before I ever forget or trust anything that the Democratic Party will do, Thay have proven nothing about what God’wants done tay do what the devil wants.

  2. I don’t trust anything that they do anymore because they have done nothing but distory the Americans who don’t deserve that abuse anymore. We work hard 😓 and we do not lie about the stuff we have to do for the people who don’t know what happened to us all over the earth. We can blame the evil that people do that hurt 😞 the people.

  3. Biden's doing great give him another four

  4. What I don't understand if we see that a president is running our country in the ground. Why haven't they been able to step in and shut him down and telling me stupid.

  5. Lord and behold do not give President Biden electric bicycle it kills his self on it.

  6. Well I think about the new green deal and what they need to do the Democrats take all their cars away take all their planes away give them electric wheelchairs to get around.

  7. Biden is a law breaker and people wonder why there is so much lawlessness. When the executive branch doesn't obey the laws or Constitution they show others that it's just fine to break the law.

  8. Nobody trusts Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, etc.
    Biden sold our strategic oil reserves to Communist Chinese.

  9. "Energy Security – it's there for a reason"…

  10. Reconnecting to work. I keep hearing about people getting checks not to work. I have to work because I like to eat.
    Government handouts should be shutdown and incentives to work be installed!!

  11. Do you trust Satan with your soul?

  12. Does anything the democrats do make sense that's more to the point

  13. Trust. You gota be kidding

  14. Want Change? Don't like Biden? Until the GOP denounces trump and his minions – Democrats will rule this country – The GOP needs to Stop nominating morons.

  15. Nobody Trust the Woke Democrats or the Republican Rino’s ! They are all compromised by the NWO Satanist Deep State whom they are Members of ! They must be arrested for Crimes against Humanity and Treason ! Hold them accountable for the millions that have died from their Treasonous acts ! Pray 🙏🇺🇸

  16. They're using energy prices to ram their green policies down our throats. The problem is they don't even have the infrastructure in place to make it all happen. California, which has constant brown outs, is mandating electric vehicles. OBTW, California is so bad at what it does that Musk moved out, at a HUGE cost to him.

  17. I came across Maskoffweb a few month ago and I have received over $10,000 ever since I contacted them their hack service is 100% reliable

  18. I came across Maskoffweb a few month ago and I have received over $10,000 ever since I contacted them their hack service is 100% reliable

  19. Dem,s are just buying Votes with your emergence oil reserve, again buying Votes.