Friday , November 27 2020
Home / Sports / Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts defends decision to keep Clayton Kershaw in the game | FOX MLB

Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts defends decision to keep Clayton Kershaw in the game | FOX MLB

Dave Roberts had to face difficult questions amid some interesting bullpen decisions, at times, leaving him unable to answer.

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Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts defends decision to keep Clayton Kershaw in the game | FOX MLB

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  1. Did Dave Roberts make the right decision to keep Kershaw in the game?

  2. If Bochy had this much talent, he wouldv e won 2 or 3 in a row championships

  3. Felt like a farewell game for Kershaw… He's mr April-september. Stop trying to build a legacy for Kershaw, focus on the game. Game is not over till it's over.

  4. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  5. if only roberts was bruce bochy and kershaw was bumgarner LETS GO GIANTS

  6. Kershaw best pitcher of his gen? what about Madbum? more rings, no playoff breakdowns. Roberts has made wrong decisions in every playoff series for the last 3 years, shows how good (or bad) he is, Dodgers don't have it that hard thru the normal season in NL West, then playoffs come and you can see what they are really like against tougher opponents.

  7. Death Taxes and Kershaw folding in the playoffs. That's the world we live in.

  8. This guy is managing the Dodgers into irrelevance.

  9. I just can't understand that Dave put Kershaw to game 2 starter just to use him as a bullpen on game 5.
    And why the heck did he pull Maeda out?
    Just get out of there Dave

  10. Too bad the Dodgers brass dont have the guts to fire Robert's. Joe Maddon is looking for a job on the West Coast. The Dodgers have more then enough talent to win now. They just need an actual manager.

  11. Dave Roberts has to go there is a reason why other teams let him go

  12. Lesson to be learned…always bench Kershaw for the whole postseason


  14. Just leave… They should try and go get Mike Scioscia.

  15. Let's GO ROBERT! IT's TIME TO GO.

  16. Roberts is Delusional He’s Become More Arrogant & doesn’t admit when he’s wrong.

  17. Long time dodger fan, but I won't attend another dodger game until Dave Roberts is gone.

  18. Why bench Martin? He was on a hot streak.
    Why bench Freese? He’s been reliable and usually comes through when needed. Seager couldn’t hit a beach ball this post season and still plays every game smh. I could go on and on with the stupid decisions Roberts made yet again.

  19. 2017 let Darvish start twice in the world series (especially game 7) and 2018 pulled rich hill out early. Chose Kershaw to relieve this year despite his horrendous postseason ERA. Dave Roberts never admits his mistakes. His comments on Hill last year were infuriating.

  20. Dave Roberts needs to go. He needs to GO. He should’ve been let GO two seasons ago. The worst thing in Dodgers history.

  21. you had the lead stop complaining about roberts get over it stop whining


  23. Don’t fire Dave (he’s much better than Mattingly) just don’t put Kershaw in as a closer EVER…. AGAIN!!!! EVER!!!!

  24. 106 wins…. dont fire him over this

  25. Clayton ChokeShaw or Clayton KerChoke? I can’t decide

  26. Dave Roberts is like the Dwyane Casey of the mlb

  27. LA Chokers strike out yet again. LMAO!

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