Sunday , January 17 2021
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Does Amy Coney Barrett need to recuse herself from election decisions?

Former Clerk for Justice Thomas and Judicial Crisis Network President Carrie Severino weighs in on Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation, arguing it’s ‘historically anomalous’ for her to recuse herself from election decisions.

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  1. we want all justices who rigged the bush and gore election to recuse themselves from the trump election results. rigging one election is enough isnt it? better yet, be disrobed . or is jail better?

  2. Yes she does…..It's the Right thing to do

  3. No! She should not be a Jeff ?Sessions! She more of a man than that.


  5. Always comes down to one thing no matter how you slice it, crime doesn't pay. You want to play, then be ready to pay. Long live Judge Barrett!

  6. Whoever it is that wants Amy Coney Barrett to recuse herself needs to recuse themselves and go far far away where the sun don't shine

  7. She was certified and passed. She has Proven herself to be objective and qualified for the duties of supreme court. She is no newbie to law. I think she should preside over the same cases at the same time the other justices preside.

  8. "FCK THE PLAYING, HELP THE MILLIONS OF AMERICANS ALREADY"!!!!!! – The millions of Americans suffering

  9. Justice Barrett doesn't need to recuse herself. We desperately need her at work.

  10. If they presented to me a very compelling reason for why she should, then I would offer an opinion, but it would have to be a very strong argument and not somebody reading from a "cliffs-notes" kind of binder submitted to the Senate as evidence.

  11. Why do they always say it’s 6/3 Roberts is to the left

  12. Donald Trump's trade war has lead to a recession

  13. Donald Trump's policies has lead to a recession

  14. Donald Trump is a racist because he refused to rent to black people

  15. Unfortunately the next thing trump is going to win is a seat in a prison bus taking him to meet his new boyfriend. Imagine going from the white house to Ryker's Island. Wonder if I can get on his visitors list lol.

  16. 1:16 my entire life changed because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  17. So if she had to recuse herself would not they all have to recuse them selves they all would have opinions about voting they all voted at one time or another these Dems are becoming more and more commy I will never vote for another one again in my life

  18. Amy Corney Barrett needs to perform her duties as justice of the Supreme Court. she can't steps away from her responsibilities as Justice of the Supreme Court.

  19. Why should recuse herself!? What would Democrats do?

  20. Why in the world should ACB recuse herself? She's confirmed to do her job.

  21. I am SO glad she made it to Supreme Court! Thank you, President Trump for representing and nominating Amy Coney Barrett!🇺🇲🙂❤👍

  22. I did not vote for the person, I voted for the platform. I voted for the second Amendment. I voted for the next supreme court justice. I voted for the electoral college, and the Republic that we live in. I voted for the Police, and law and order. I voted for the military, and the veterans who fought for and died for this Country. I voted for the Flag that is always missing from the Democratic background.
    I voted for the right to speak my opinion and not be censored. I voted for secure borders. I voted for the right to praise my God without fear. I voted for every unborn soul that the Democrats wants to abort. I voted for freedom and the American Dream. I voted for good and against evil. I voted for the future of my Country and I voted a straight red ticket.

  23. Unless very high bias is established, it is a silly notion as there is NO judicial authority truly free from bias or influence. As I see it, a recusal would most likely be only seriously considered due to extreme financial situations. During the hearings, we saw this "seed" being planted by Sen. SW and others with charts and graphs of "dark money". What they presented was not convincing enough though because there was no substantiation.

  24. Stupid question coming from stupid people….. 🤦‍♂️

  25. I always thought Cavuto was smart. Until he went crazy as a never Trumper and now has holes in his brain.

  26. Of course she does not….that is a ridiculous promise…are other justices recusing themselves? What craptrap bull crap insurrections rhetoric!

  27. Trump is a person who behaves in a dictator way. He's a disturbing, troubling and dangerous creature!

  28. Why should you refuse her self she is Familiar with the constitution that’s our guide

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