Does the government have possession of alien technology?

Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., has the latest on the Pentagon launching a website on declassified info on UFOs on ‘The Evening Edit.’

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  1. Of course they do. Always had, but continues to lie and cover it up.

  2. Yes they have, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, from planet fuckumup

  3. Another way for democrats to blow millions of dollars on completely useless crap ! So there are UFO's and extra terrestrial beings ? Whooooopppie !?! It's not like we're going to have dinner with them or something !

  4. Hard to make a definitive call currently. The pilots are reporting direct experience. The recovered stuff narrative is closer to hearsay as no one who testified had any direct hands-on event to report (save the pilots). Saucers, bodies and the like sound a little too cinematic to me (and I could be proved wrong here). Most descriptions of aliens are anthropomorphic to a fault. My instinct is that off world intelligence is stranger than anything we've envisioned.

    Our reverse engineering anything that traverses light years (or dimensions) would be akin to giving a chimp an oil paint set and expecting a Rembrandt. We occupy interesting times. Let's wait for some hard (and hopefully dramatic) evidence.

  5. There are no aliens! I would know if there were! Sorry to disappoint!

  6. This isn’t even new information.

  7. Typical liars with no videos that will be clear because they are fake

  8. I believe in UFOs and other living things that people have not seen.
    With all this weird stuff technology is coming out with I believe the US and other countries have contact with UFO technology.

  9. This is ridiculous! No tax money should go towards anything until we have no debt!

  10. Always about $$$$$$$$$$$$$.00!

  11. There's no such thing as "aliens" from outer space, WAKE UP THEY ARE REAL LIFE DEMONS, THAT WILL INVADE THE SKIES AND LAND

  12. The majority of people would rather not know about something they don't understand that makes them fearful.

  13. Really, if all was disclosed, what would happen? Rioting, looting and lawlessness? C'mon, man.

  14. So the Pentagram wants to be trusted all the sudden? Yeah right.

  15. UFO's WOW! OR, how to project images into an aircraft hud /radar/ flir system in order to confuse the enemy.

  16. We need more in congress like congressman Tim Burchett.

  17. Kudos to FOX for their coverage on this issue that concerns safety of flight and national security. Hopefully you can ask some questions and get some answers from Rep Michael Turner (Intel Comm Chair) and Speaker McCarthy – they need to address this issue.

  18. I have video evidence of the ufos

  19. Here comes more distraction folks, I wonder what the Communist regimes up to now.?

  20. That information's no fun anymore if its declassified.

    How about declassifying Mr. Trump's tax returns?

  21. *Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  22. "don't trust the government"
    "Trump created a utopia while in office"
    Over and over and over……

  23. Go to Custodian files for UAP/UFO footage

  24. Oh please for God sake research solar warden .the US had had a secret space program infact 2 one of the navy and one of the airforce for over 70 years mirroring the German Nazis who also had 2 programs one under himmler and the other under Maria orsich.

  25. Where are the crafts ,, we want to see ,,we have video ,and acknowledgement,, roswell and multiple other finds ,,cover ups ,, I want to see a real investigation on goverment officials who are criminals be thrown out of there positions,, just start rioting America!

  26. Who gives a crap lies it's smoke screen to blind side Americans!

  27. It’s well known that the white house has a UFO in it known as Biden….. Unfit Feeble Object !

  28. Declassified documents are much like rewriting reports to feed the propaganda on UFO's,if UFO's were he we would have been contacted,do you think aliens would exclusively pick a certain government, skepticism is prudent here,this stuff was all invented perhaps

  29. Can’t trust the government!

  30. I thought Schumer's bill was highly in support of disclosure. I'm in full support of what Tim Burchett is/has been doing but I am genuinely asking the community, am I missing something there?

  31. Yeah keep fight Tim don't give up on it. Interesting how the reporter in this said that whistle-blower is claiming extra terrestrial when he's claiming non human, it makes a very big difference when the Pentagon are denying it. If you say non human they can't deny so easily as I believe they may also be thinking the beings are inter dimensional.
    I have a feeling that distinction is important guys because the Pentagon keeps saying ARRO has no verifiable evidence of extra terrestrial aliens or craft, they don't say no verifiable evidence of non human. Has anyone else noticed that in the Pentagon language?