Monday , January 18 2021
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Dog rescued with help of town after 10 days in woods

A 28-year-old travel guide and licensed drone operator helped a town find a missing golden retriever named Meadow.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. This man took Billy Madison's teachings to heart.

  2. You’re my Hero Dude.
    Respect Due Sir.
    Great work.

    Glad you’re home Meadow!

    Again Great work My Dude.

    Love Loyalty Positivity Truth ✌️🙏

  3. The dog's fur looks like it was just blown dry by a hair salon, after spending 10 days in the woods. One would think after 10 days in the woods she would at least have some dirt or soil on her perfectly groomed fur. Also, after 10 days in the woods, one would think that she would look dehydrated and skinny, 10 days is a long time with out any care or food….

  4. Thanks for helping Meadow.

  5. A miracle?? Never!! It was a good guy travel guide with forest and drone experience.
    Good story I love dogs. The goddites posting need to stick with Paula White.

  6. Did the dog run away or did owner let him run without leash?

  7. We need more good news like this💓💓💓

  8. A dog outside with no leash?; how did it ended up in the middle of the woods?, so many questions unanswered.

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  10. Hopefully they learn that they need to put a GPS dog collar on their dog when outside.

  11. God created every creature to be together. So heartwarming.

  12. Shame such a great story had to be ruined with images of fake pandemic mask 😷 compliance. A lost sheep 🐑 found a lost dog 🐕.

  13. He should of declined the reward I hope

  14. Just got done watching missing 411 and how depressing it is to see this story about a stupid mindless missing dog being found.

  15. Just imagine if snow fell they would have never found her

  16. Don't run away again Meadow!

  17. Atleast some good news! 🥺

  18. 😍♥️🐶😍♥️🐶😍♥️🐶

  19. Thank you, Brian. It's clear how dear she was to her family.

  20. Thank technology and a good guy!

  21. Bless all the rescuers 🙏

  22. The woman did not really look happy lol but who’s to say

  23. message from this rescue for these trying times: “There’s Hope…” & “Everybody’s got the capability to help…”

  24. She’s such a beautiful doggie 🐶

  25. This is a story for all Americans what a beautiful way to go into the Thanksgiving holiday

  26. Good, good news. Happy tears. Positive vibes from New Hampshire and remember to be kind to each other and yourself during this pandemic and social crisis

  27. I miss my dog very much.

  28. Golden Retriever? White? I think she is part Great Pyrenees. You wouldn't have seen her if it snowed. Thank you for this feel good story.

  29. My boy, Benny, was lost for a day, and when I picked him up at the Rescue Shelter, I broke down and cried.
    That drone Guy who found Meadow dog, what a good kind person !

  30. Wow… What a big news to be aired

  31. The news is making it seams like these people visited new york with there dogs and lost one and not telling everyone that they took the dog there dropped it off for it to be someone else's dog b c they didn't want it and now the news is involved the are so "heart broken" 🤦‍♀️

  32. Im just confused why they are crying if they dropped the dog off in another state b c they didnt want the poor thing attention seekers there are literly people that have lost pets the they want and noone helps like this no news coverings. Poor dog and im glade she's not out there in the cold but those people are rediculous

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