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Dogs die after playing in pond with toxic algae | USA TODAY

Couple loses three dogs hours after they played in pond with toxic algae

Three dogs died hours after playing at a pond in North Carolina with blue-green algae. The owners want to bring awareness to others.

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  1. She’s a fool. She should have gotten in the water instead of them!!! With all that’s been in the news about all this! Was she under a rock!?? Smdh

  2. Mmm… It’s always the best people/things that die… Rest in piece adorable puppies.. You’re in a better place now and you will never be forgotten…

  3. This is the third time I've seen a clip of Animals during in the toxic ocean..what will happen if a human goes in the Toxic Ocean…I feel they'll get the same results…stay out of the water!!!…Wormwood..Rev: and it can't be cleaned..impossible!!

  4. jsbbhall

    1 second ago

    BS our town just tested the algae. Fake news: Despite inaccurate reports, there is no toxic algae in Cary’s Bond Lake.

    While an algal bloom was found in May, tests performed by the North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources at Cary’s Bond Lake were negative for toxins.

    There are currently no active blooms at Bond Lake.

  5. Here's a tip leave your dogs on leashes don't let them run around and shit there are leash laws it's different if it's your backyard or if it's a dog park come on own your own part of the responsibility no more talk

  6. My moms dog loves water and I would hate anything
    Iike this to happen to him

  7. I am so sorry for this family.

  8. So people just leave it like that? So everyone can die?

  9. So very sad. In Sweden we know this since years, goes for humans too, they should really inform about it in the US to avoid fatalities.

  10. Yesterday it was about Dogs licking you and how you WILL die from dog licks. Government trying to make you get rid of your dog.

  11. But you loved them soo much, you kept them a live as long as possible. made them go through all that bullshit. thinking it gets worse before it gets better.

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