Saturday , July 31 2021
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DOJ to reportedly release separate report on James Comey

Former assistant U.S. attorney Victoria Toensing and former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia Joe diGenova discuss the alleged Comey leaks to the media and why the Justice Department decided not to charge him.

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  1. fbi needs to be gutted, the cia needs to be gutted and ses needs to be shut down

  2. Victoria is GREAT! & so is Joe!

  3. The DOJ better prosecute Comey and everyone else that signed that FISA warrant!

  4. This crook traitor has no place in our country. He needs to be put in prison as others have with less offenses

  5. Since when did Intent have to do with Felonies, Treason etc. Comey by his own admission appointed himself as Judge and Jury on HRC and POTUS Trump. Hence the intent is clear as day. Comey was only to investigate crimes and pass his findings on to legal agents to pursue Indictment and Prosecution. The American populace are being fed a total load of crap about HRC, J. Comey and so many others. POTUS and AG Barr must restore justice to the USA or only two possible outcomes: 1) USA becomes Communist; 2) Civil War.

  6. We the People DEMAND for the IMMEDIATE ARREST of All these TRAITOR'S in DC NOW!

  7. Barr do your job well, patience is running thin but, we know you have to dot all your i's and cross all your t's. you need to have all information to make informed decision on charges to be made. Please for the integrity of law in America do the right thing and indict these criminals who have made a complete idiocrasy of the DOJ and FBI and CIA. The law serves all reestablish law to where it's suppose to be.

  8. Everytim e an investigation is finished nobody gets arrested like you all said. So then you all say the real buttload is coming. I don't believe you anymore. When I think of all the regular people who go to prison (thousands) and the government thugs don't. If we all think our justice system has been unjust up to now! You ain't seen nothing yet!!!! Just think about how many precedents are being set!!! There will be no justice for anyone!!!! And then the squad and their antisemitism goes unchallenged. That should say everything. All the people of color should be scared s….ESS.

  9. You ppl exaggerated all this BS & now everyone is pissed.
    You should apologize to Comey. He would had been charged if he broke the law. I'm not getting sucked into anymore of your BS foxnews. Fooled me once shame on you. Fool me twice I'm a gullible fool!

  10. The "genesis" of all the illegal activity is Comeys letting HRC off !!!! This talking, talking, and justifying Comeys actions and repeatedly trying to justify his law breaking, oath breaking and treacherous conduct I'd atrocious. There is a two tier system!!!!! Remember the young man who took images of his nuclear machinery with his cell phone, to proudly share with family…. Comey took his classified documents to share with associates and media. The young man disappeared into the justice system, but Comey is never charged. Quit justifying!!!!

  11. The public have to be woken up to what's been going on in their own govt, under the public's own noses, while they slept. Now that people are starting to realize the corr up t …come y
    ..gan g…and what they did, they are getting pretty riled up! A few more weeks and the big, tall, one of many will fall.

  12. Comey and Chuck Todd were crowing about how Comey dodged an indictment because he is innocent!

  13. I am not an American, I don't live in the USA and have never visited the USA. I like somebody talking about Mr Rosenstein, for it has seemed, for a long time, that nobody is checking on him, arrogance and all.

  14. this guy is a liar and a criminal,he and mcabe,tried to over throw the president,if they are not prosecuted we have lost the country,civil war is immenent.

  15. There is no dept of Justice, there is only a dept of JUST-US

  16. Gulliani really? You hired Comey the devil who has caused one hell of a lot of trouble. And he’s not in Jail with Hillary Clinton. You’re all crooks that justice fails to convict. What a evil system in American politics! Lawyer’s are manipulative crooks and apparently most of those on these media networks are Lawyer’s including those you interview along with the lawyer politicians. The gates of hell await you all!

  17. Look what they did to Flynn over nothing…destroyed him.


  19. 4:28 Well, here's your explanation, since you asked:
    It's simple, really simple: AMERICA CAN ENFORCE LAW AND ORDER AND END CORRUPTION or if it "doesn't really feel like it today" it can ANSWER TO GOD'S WRATH ON EARTH, IN OUR TIME!
    America, you can get sassy and sullen, but you're NOT going to ignore your obligation to God to BE JUST and OBEY THE CONSTITUTION.

  20. Who cares they are all working together and unwilling to prosecute anybody guilty and working for the Deepstate!

  21. Nothing will become of James Comey because the DOJ is controlled by the deep state. No one will ever accept anything short of indictment of Comey. He is crooked as they get. So is the DOJ.

  22. Sad times for Americans no justice in our government


  24. Barr has been runnin with these dogs his whole life, you think he's going to put them in jail now.


  26. Don't expect justice from the corrupt "just us" department; the USA inc. cabal has multiple layers of criminals.

  27. Separate report???? Put this criminal in prison NOW!!!!

  28. Until they start prosecuting these political criminals it will keep happening. They have to be held to the letter of the Law just like us, maybe even more because we know they know better.

  29. DOJ gives him a pass, he gets a multi-million dollar book deal, he gets full benefits, too bad ordinary people are held to a different set of rules of law. Where's the demand for justice by even one Democrat law maker?

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