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DOJ won’t prosecute Comey over leaked memos

Former federal prosecutor Jim Trusty discusses how the Department of Justice will not prosecute former FBI Director James Comey for leaking classified information.

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  1. the justice is becoming a joke. everyone in the deep state is immune from prosecution . The Democratic party politicised the doj, fbi, irs, tried to overthrow the duly elected president with vicious lies and nobody get prosecuted for it. what a joke. High crimes have been committed and every major perpetrator gets a get out of jail free card . the democratic party has made a joke out of our government and citizens and every decent persons who work for our government

  2. They will all walk. We have a two tiered justice system that is set up for them when they need it, and us when they want us in their prison system. It is all set up for them, and them alone. It will always be this way until we do something about it.

  3. Remember to keep comments respectful and to follow our community guidelines. NPC.EXE HAS STOPPED WORKING L1BTU4D u toob

  4. Wonder if the democrats would have brought charges if he tried to frame Hillary

  5. Jimmy "the weasel" Comey….
    Fbi director has his home raided
    Was CNN advised…..you know
    Like Roger Stone's Raid…

  6. What a hypocrite Comey is.

  7. They Aren't going to start this over a little leak. Comey will still go down and Barr has evidence much worse just to leave everyone guessing.

  8. This is a horrible video. She is trying her hardest to get him to cave some info and he's not biting.

  9. This mother fucker should be going to prison!!!

  10. We live in a banana republic let’s wake up

  11. Comey has admitted he witnessed barrack getting briefed on the dossier this isn’t over by a long shot is right, Obama knew about it all and these fks signatures are on FISA applications that’ll bury them all

  12. Deep State hard at work for the American people. There is two Justice Systems. Bubble people and every one else. Great job DOJ!

  13. AG Barr is a bust, like Sessions, Wray, Durham,Horowitz, McConnel, Ryan,

  14. They're all dirty. That's why they won't throw the dirty cop in jail.

  15. 4:45 Exactly why they need to make an example of Comey, or he won't be the last crooked official to flout the law, by any means. But his activities, were the result of a very long line of crooked officials committing illegal acts without consequence, so there was no reason for Comey to believe he would be held accountable either.

  16. This man has dishonored all the loyalties an FBI agent has
    He belongs in jail for his comments and actions
    He does not represent the honorable men and women that serve our county with honor

  17. Barr is smart and I can see his logic why take the smaller of Comey's lawbreaking and let lawers break it down in court that would make it harder in court to really go after him for the bigger things he will be taken to court for at a later time when Barr get through with his investigation. .

  18. so become a dem and you can do what you like …..what kind of juslice is this

  19. I feel sorry for you Fox employees, it must be degrading.

  20. I am really TIRED of hearing crap from this giant CROOKED LIAR!

  21. Double standard, surprise, surprise.

  22. These heads just move lips. As criminal as the feds.

  23. James Comey had a higher loyalty, you see.
    Higher than the American people. Higher than our Constitution.

  24. Obviously they have something on him and he has something on them. Check mate!

  25. email the attorney general…. ask him if we did what leakin liar did, what would happen to us? demand justice…. if he received millions of emails, maybe he'd find his b*lls

  26. He’ll squeal. I know the squealers when I see them, and…🃏

  27. Of course Democrats are above the law. Did we ever expect real justice. You know Hillary Clinton will never be prosecuted even though Comey admitted she broke the law.

  28. If they are not prosecuting the TRAITOR then he must be going to roll over like the real SLIME BAG OBAMA PUPPET HE REALLY IS !!!!


  30. Comey is being LULLED into a false sense of security. He won't be prosecuted over leaked memos BUT .. he WILL BE PROSECUTED OVER THE BIGGEST OF HURDLES that Comey faces – FAR FAR MORE SERIOUS CHARGES! This DOES NOT "EXONERATE" Comey .. he's NOT "off the hook – by a LONG SHOT!" He suffers from hubris .. extreme arrogance / narcissism. He made memorandums because he EXPECTED SOME KIND OF TROUBLE – knowing what he was doing was committing TREASON.

  31. The Patriots will get no justice. Unless we take justice into our own hands. People everything is rigged.. Barr is rigged. The speech Barr have to rosebstein made rosenstein a super saint. .they are going to put us into a new world order.. with a one world government where the anti Christ is leader. If we don't fight them. Get them the hell out of control, we are gonners .

  32. Bill Barr's dad hired Epstein to teach in his school.. is that not strange?!

  33. Why prosecute a true patriot for not lying for the 🤥

  34. Shuffle look over there whoops you missed it nah nah you lose government games you can't touch me there are two sets of rules I got the big money & you don't you lose america
    Crime pays losers

  35. This is mostly about strong corrupt government unions. Not the "elites". Deep State yes government unions yes.cant punish the punishers.

  36. I keep hearing people say something "bigger" is coming down the Pike, Regardless I'm not going to take the Chill Pill and except the excuses for Law Enforcement not Enforcing the Law ! If James Comey Jay walked while engaging in this Russia Hysteria in pursuit of setting up President Trump, He needs to be charged for the crime he committed, and let his due process determine his fate. . .

  37. Everyone needs to go to jail!!!!!!

  38. WTH!!!!!?????? CHRIST!!!!!!

  39. Barr's a deep state cleaner, brought in to sweep everything under the rug.  The Bush's were the main force behind the coup but they've worked a deal with Trump and his Zionist handlers.  Ain't no one going to be indicted let alone going to prison. Just more propaganda to further divide the country and to stir up anger on the right.  Don't get your hopes up about justice because Trumps already folded his cards and everything he says from here on out is just rhetoric to stoke the flames of division with the Dems and MSM playing along.

  40. Well people,
    it looks like a two justice system. Comey will not be charged! We see the evidence
    and they decided to let him ride. Is Barr’s working for the deep state or what?
    I wonder who else will they let ride. This is turning into a joke if you ask

    The two-tier system?

    What about
    the four Americans who died in Benghazi? So Hillary gets away from prosecution with her negligence that could have saved the lives of our four men in Benghazi. Will, we ever see a justice system the will fight for the American people? I hope so, or we could return to the lawless days of the past.

  41. If you are a common law abiding citizen you should be afraid of the corrupt FBI…. from top to bottom. It's run by a bunch of government pension whores since it's inception in 1913 by the Rothschild family. The FBI is doing exactly what it was created for !!!

  42. Sounds like the democrats and trump/impeachment. Not gonna happen.

  43. I only hope they are working on a bigger charge or a flip for immunity.

  44. Is Trump still in defense mode? Trump can you please start playing some offense?

  45. We're being played. All a soap opera. Enjoy the show.

  46. Comey is a pompous and arrogant POS !!
    Thank goodness Trump at least fired him.
    Hopefully there'll be some prosecutions.

  47. Gee, I guess if the DOJ won't prosecute, we need to get another Special Prosecutor!

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