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Donald Trump: Being The President Is 'Costing Me A Fortune' | NBC News

While speaking in Monaca, Pa., President Trump told the crowd that being the president is costing him “a fortune,” blaming lawsuits and emoluments clause cases against him.
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Donald Trump: Being The President Is ‘Costing Me A Fortune’ | NBC News


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  1. A captive audience of workers who would be punished for not attending or booing! This is a mockery of a sham of a travesty of a mockery!

  2. Lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies upon lies!

  3. Nobody got 60-million for a book? This from the guy who hates reading. Ask JK Rowling and George RR Martin how much they got for their books, it was well over 60-million. And if this Presidency is costing him a fortune then why is he fighting every attempt to see his tax returns tooth and nail?

  4. Survey says… every single word he ever says is a lie

  5. Picture your job…If every day you went to work, and when you tried to get in the door, someone tripped you or locked the door for a time or some other crap, then as you started to accomplish your computer task for your position, some bass-ack who wanted your position, sabotaged your computer and changed the reports and assigned tasks so you had to jump through hoops "everyday" …that is the equivalent of the mentality of the Democratic and leftist, who are constantly undermining and sabotaging the President's day. It should be against the law to interfere with the President's agenda. Period.
    If you aren't part of the solution to keep the US safe, YOU are the problem.

  6. lots of hate on here, bummer

  7. Its COSTING America a Fortune having tRUMP as "president"!!!! – – Then GET OFF the Stage Gorilla!!!!

  8. President Trump is the only hard working President that doesn't receive a paycheck. Almost nobody say thank you for this. All other presidents charged.

  9. Because you are a good choice from the Lord God Almighty to fulfill the Last Days plans for Israel. No other President qualified because they all were afraid.

  10. Orange snowflake whiner. Boohoo Wahha He's not half the president Obama was and Obama was a flake.

  11. YOU NEVER HAD A FORTUNE – you Sir are another GE cooking the books.

  12. Chris Mal
    Yep. That's why it's great we got him instead of Hillary.

  13. Wayne. You say call the ambulance. You are mistaken. You must think it's Hildabeast theyre talking abou

  14. Joe Shopper. At least the people have a job now in greater numbers than before. And hey, now you have enough money to shop.

  15. A quick google search on the definition of emoluments and his whole speech becomes absolute word fill. Okay, so why are they suing you for money earned while in office? What's their reasoning? What's your reason for denying it? Like ffs, cool, I had never heard of the word. Now I have because, you taught it to me. Now explain how you're not doing the thing, don't just tell me I don't understand what you're being accused of. My lack of understanding of a word doesn't acquit you of guilt.

  16. Of course the welfare Queens, minority mooches, and the Libertard scum cannot relate. They have never earned anything in their lives. The only sense of loss they feel is when they are out of food stamps to trade for heroin.

  17. our PRESIDENT is delirious

  18. Why tell people it's costing him money?
    Would you if you were President? What about getting right to the point. I happen to be a Republican

  19. I will never vote for a racist

  20. 2020….Trump will be our Prez again…so great

  21. Caution: salty snowflakes below 👇🏼

  22. Mother-Lover u ain’t make my life better, joker! Obama did though, an inspired me!

  23. Bunch of jealous socialists in these comments😂

  24. The man who sued someone who said his father was a orangutan talks about litigious people? What now?!

  25. So it is costing Trump a few billion dollars to be President, just think what Trump being President is costing the entire USA.

  26. Lol cartman got bigger but never grew up… You killed Kenny🤔 I mean Jeffrey😂😂

  27. You are NOT making lives better!! Stage 4 colon cancer. Medicaid was cut off after you signed your little insurance bill. Now that Medicaid was cut off I cannot afford surgeries that I need to literally put me back together. I am unable to afford scans I need for monitoring a spot on back of my liver. I cannot afford medications that I need. I cannot afford to replace my computer, for me to find a job through a disability webs. Not able to get any kind of a normal job, because I cannot afford the surgery to put me back together. That insurance bill you signed…well the only doc within 100 miles of me…Wil not take that insurance you said would make better. Marketplace insurance blows!! Ya see I know something, the cancer has come back in my body somewhere….but I cannot afford the tests, scans I need to see where, how bad…etc. But I know if you were to even take time to read any of this, that you would call me some kind of a name. Because I highly disagree with you! Or, would it be that my name would go on your list of people that do not agree with you. I truly think you are a disgrace to the seat you are sitting in. The insurance bill you signed,… truly is killing people. But, you will not take responsibility for their blood that is literally dripping as I type. Because I am on disability, not able to afford the tests, much less treatment, I will probably die. That will not even phase you in the least. Please stop saying that you care….WE ALL know that you do not care. We all know that as long as you are making money (yes, at others peoples loss if their lives), as long as you get Your way, as long as it does not effect you. You have made yourself completely clear. It is truly sad that you have shown us all just how much you truly do not care,…about anyone….just as long as you are happy,…nothing, or no one matter. So I am glad you are happy at the cost of so very much!!

  28. Being the President is a business to Trump. He only cares about the bottom line even at the expense of the American people.

  29. He's not lying, he's means when you're this wealthy, why not just run for president? When you earn so much money it's impossible to spend it all. Additionally, he made our lives better for us being witnesses to it.

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