Sunday , January 23 2022
Home / News / Donald Trump Signs Bill To 'Entirely Erase' Student Loan Debt Of Disabled Veterans | NBC News

Donald Trump Signs Bill To 'Entirely Erase' Student Loan Debt Of Disabled Veterans | NBC News

President Trump announced that he is signing an order that would work to erase the student loan debt of disabled veterans as he spoke to the American Veterans National Convention in Louisville, Ky.
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Donald Trump Signs Bill To ‘Entirely Erase’ Student Loan Debt Of Disabled Veterans | NBC News


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  1. And what’s the plan… and who’s going to benefit. How does one apply .. and why did DeVis do what she did a week later?

  2. Trying to understand how you sign into law something that already existed. For years if you were 100% P&T you were eligible for total loan forgiveness. They made it sound as if he was relaxing the criteria or something.

  3. Way to knock off .00000000000000000001 % of college debt.

  4. Lmmfao hes not doing any favors smdh

  5. Obama passed this bill already didnt he?

  6. This program already exists he didn't create anything here. He signed an order for them to process the requests faster

  7. I'm surprised he did that. He best the Democrats to it. O wonder what's next?

  8. He ONLY eliminated 100% disabled veterans….thats a smaller number to work with since MORE veterans have either 90 to 10% disability who have student loan debt when using the GI Bill. Bernie Sanders proposal was to wipe out or eliminate ALL student debt…well.mif he wins the office….MAYBE that will happen for us students paying back since years. Veteran or not. New student loans debt should not be included .

  9. For those of you saying our GI Bill was free, then you obviously did not serve a day in the military.
    We had to pay into our GI BILL, it's not just given to us. And depending on how much we paid in and time served, depended on how much we got for schooling.
    So NO it was not just Free to us, but our choice to serve our country was a free voluntary choice.

  10. Good to see Maga Nation going along with this. Makes me realize that Trump could actually be a good and impactful President by passing leftist policies. If he were to declare our healthcare a national emergency and call for universal healthcare, Republicans would go along with it because all they care about is sucking up to power, and his base would applaud it because they applaud anything he says. I don't care if maga takes all the credit as long as all my fellow Americans have basic healthcare.

  11. So I guess there was some red tape that prevented disabled vets to pay , it's sounds great but you think a disabled vet would pay for the loan anyway , most likely person would die with the debt, plus this percentage is low vs how many students are paying 4-7%. In loan interest vs someone buying a house they get 3-4% plus im supposed to save up for retirement at least 10% of income. I can't say WOW what a great job ,but will give a thumbs up

  12. Good move. But were these veterans going to ever pay it back anyways? They were severely injured. I doubt any efforts to collect from them would be tolerated.

  13. Trump just went to the left of Biden. Biden can forfeit his democratic presidential race now !!!…this was a brilliant move to get rid of the democratic centrists.

  14. Trump did not forgive vets student loans, nor did he create a new program to forgive student loan debt for permanently disabled vets.
    Pursuant to the Total Permanent Disability (TPD) discharge program, veterans who are totally and permanently disabled due to a service-related condition are eligible to have their federal student loan debt completely cancelled, tax-free. Today’s executive order does not create a new student loan forgiveness program; rather, it directs the U.S. Dept. of Education and U.S. Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs to streamline the TPD discharge process.

  15. 1: Isn't higher education automatically covered for vets after a certain time?
    2: This looks like a huge win but this isn't a large portion of people. On top of that "eligibility" still means they can be denied.
    3: This is only a bill. Meaning Congress, Senate, and the Supreme Court can say otherwise.

  16. I am shocked that this is covered by NBC. Good Job! Now keep it up and ignore the constant twitter trolling….

  17. 🙏👏👏🙋‍♂️
    Trump 2020

  18. Even NBC could not ignore or lie about this.

  19. This is only good for disabled veterans end of story. T.T

  20. Great man, great potus standing up for military that's given freedom to USA citizens

  21. We are eligible for it. That does not mean we will get it.

  22. I’m a little confused. I thought college was free for all veterans?

  23. Wow this is great but why not for all lol

  24. how about get rid of student debt for all why do we pick and choose why are people so ignorant this is just crazy all of it

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