Saturday , January 16 2021
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Don't buy the PS5 or Xbox Series X yet, E-Sports host says

Esports host Kate Bedford argues the demand for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X consoles is ‘enormous’ already.

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  1. 0:03 she had the ps5 building behind her

  2. No stock in stores because the stores are afraid of looters and rioters
    "THEY" ruin everything

  3. As soon as she said 8k for a x-box I knew it was fake news 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. The real "need" to have one is the IG likes, and that's just sad. You people like this have completely RUINED any thing new and on short supply. SCALPERS are nothing but bottom scum feeders and should be illegal to hike the prices up!!! But i'll just sit back and wait, these idiots are paying 3x the price for bugs and BRICKED units !!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  5. Looks like PS5 and Xbox series X is in the background LOL

  6. Maybe they’re just being woman in a mans world

  7. Why do they both seem faded

  8. Boyfriend already has both

  9. Something Finally agree with Fox News

  10. Santa already using Covid as his excuse unable to give the kids the ps5 or xbox.

  11. a little bit of a struggle she says. i just just dropped cable tv service.

  12. DONT BUY from scalpers, be patient gamers.

  13. How does she know if it's the end of the world or not.

  14. If you really want one, here is how;
    Buy one from a scalper on eBay using PayPal. When it arrives, remove it from the packaging, put a brick in the box, take photos and file a report with eBay saying that the seller ripped you off.

  15. Maria dating herself with "walk-MAN". This chick probably doesn't have a clue what a walkman is. But seriously though, don't buy a new overpriced console from a scalper for that reason alone… don't support a scalper. And furthermore, there will probably be a PS5/Xbox One Series X version 2.0 next year like Sony and Microsoft already screwed us over with before.

  16. Really that is total b***** there never was any on the shelves never has been and never will be for a while due to scammers , it's funny they don't talk about real problem why there aren't in store or online since day one of release , they showing the hell would not talk about real news and story why there never was any on the shelves .

  17. Here’s the number of people who listened to some esports weirdo telling us to do with our money. 0

  18. This chick knows what she's talking about!

  19. Consoles are just toys for kids and tech illiterate dads. Educated gamers are all on PC.

  20. i'm not buying the ps5 this year i'm going to wait patiently next year for the ps5

  21. Console peasents. My graphics card was 1,500 alone. It's more powerful than a console peasents brain.

    PC Master Race checking in

  22. Better yet don't buy them at all.
    Get out of the house and away from your idiot box..We have a world to save😃

  23. They are in massive demand from scalpers thats for sure. Il see ps5 in the spring i can wait.

  24. 0:35 What she meant to tell you was the Scalpers are running Auto-Add-To-Cart Scripts that can order a ps5 in a few petoseconds. So, if you go online it will appear as if they are flying out the shelf but really. It's Scalpers across the world buying all of them. If your dumb enough to buy a $5000 ps5 you deserve to be robbed due to stupidity.

  25. E-sports host aren't real gamers. They just commentate. They not in the feild. Plus Who need advice or concersn from a e-sports host? We all know that their are no games truly out for either system so it's no point in buying it right now. I will wait for the Slim version and for the price to go down.

  26. I’m not getting one of them because they have zero new games.

  27. "For kids" me as a grown as man with a PS5 😮

  28. It’s two points to every story yeah the counsel might be a lemon in the first year of distribution but
    People who live stream need a faster Counsel and it does make a difference when you’re on a game

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