‘DON’T DO IT’: Newt Gingrich offers Trump advice on upcoming GOP debates

Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich on the House Oversight Committee’s pending decision to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in Contempt of Congress and the contentious GOP field shaping up for 2024. #FOXBusiness

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  1. An FBI center bigger than the pentagon will change the USA into a Police State by appearance.

  2. Wait a Miunte , HA HA HA , Ignore the DEBATES ,
    Last time "CHINA JOE" said he was Rasing Taxes , and 81 Million Voted for "CHINA JOE" ,
    There has to be something WRONG BIG TIME with the 81 Million who voted for "CHINA JOE" ,
    The only thing I can see is that SOON the 81 Million will be just as Broke as I am , Thanks and Keep voting for Democrat Inflation …

  3. TRUMP does not have to debate, he already has his base, let all those idiot debate , ..it will be hilarious, and all they are going to do is talk about TRUMP anyway, …

  4. Newt and advice that is a good one.

  5. The people want a government run by the people. The gov. Will be reorganized and have to wear vody cams everyday even at home.

  6. You and Rand Paul are Donald Trump puppets and wasting government money

  7. Everyone who's not a democrat, is now a second class citizen. How long? It's not going to end well

  8. So tired of the Congress mob!

  9. It has become absolutely obvious that Democrats have succeeded in corrupting justice and covering up continual lies and evidence of their corruption. This is what the legacy of Donald Trump has uncovered. This is now more evident in President Biden being found in bribery and corruption, for many years. It is now more apparent that he has been bribed by enemies of America, namely China, to do their bidding. It is evident that he has been paying China’s dues, by allowing the spy balloon to navigate, unhindered across American terrritory. It is obvious that he as Commander in Chief, withheld the order to shoot down the spy balloon, allowing it to gather intelligence for China. Thus Joe Biden has clearly compromised USA. He should be impeached immediately and taken out of office. The same goes for the hierarchy of the DOJ and FBI. Wake up USA. This has gone beyond politics.

  10. Watching him fall over and over no one claims dementia!

  11. What good are the media when average Americans knew the corruption years before the media finally admits to it?!

  12. Just more blather. Does anyone really think Merrick Garland will hold Wray responsible for committing a FELONY? (Contempt of Congress IS a Felony.)

  13. He might as well hold his hands because “contempt “ don’t mean sht!

  14. So the Republicans are after the Biden family for a couple million.. The Trump family got billions from the Saudis..

  15. How could anyone be so ignorant to put Biden back in office. They would prefer to have an inept, physically and mentally impaired elderly man way past his prime, a pathological liar, a thief, and a traitor than the only President in my lifetime, 75 years, to make campaign promises and actually keep them. China and Russia wouldn’t have dared do the things they’re doing under Trump. I’m not proud of some of the hateful things Trump says but if I had been harassed and lied about as he has I’d probably being saying worse. I just watched The Alamo: 13 Days to Glory. Col Travis made a couple of speeches that should be played over and over regarding the rights of people to be free. I’m a Texan born and bred, and I will always honor and uphold the Bible, original American values, morality, truth, and law-and-order. If Biden is 7:19 re-elected, which I can’t believe true Americans would be ignorant and gullible enough to vote him back in we all need to learn Russian and China. I’m prepared to die for my Hod-given rights. Are you? God bless the U S A!!!!

  16. Newt Gingrich should be the next president.

  17. Can you imagine what would happen if you know who did this?

  18. These fools think they are so important. Sorry game your playing with Lucifer…😂

  19. President Trump will win in 2024 as he did in 2020 but will there be another pandemic to block him again?

  20. Let us see if they have enough balls to get an arrest warrant if necessary.

  21. Contempt FOR Congress!

  22. Our government has turned into a Banana Republic 🇺🇸

  23. If Americans vote for Joe Biden and Democrats all Americans will lose their guns and they can’t defend themselves anymore lol 😂

  24. Ron DeSantis is a proxy for the Bush’s. The Bush’s are fully funding his campaign to unseat Trump .DON’T vote for RINO Ron.


  26. The left views the collusion as just on parity that's why they are dismissive while the former invalid the latter valid. No matter how self righteous u feel when u subvert the laws the country will degrade

  27. Still nothing will happen.

  28. I can’t believe anything a Republican says anymore. The stench of MAGA and Trumpism must be acknowledged by the Republican Party before they become remotely credible enough to win another election

  29. Fix this illegal conduct from these politicians. Disgusting administration and traitors of USA 😢

  30. Just bloody arrest someone these guys have been getting away with it for too long

  31. Sorry I accidentally clicked on woke Fox

  32. I will say it again Barak Hussein Obama corrupt ed the entire federal government…the intelligence community… the FBI… the Orwellian justice department the state department and the entire Washington DC courts system leaving stay behind radical leftist networks every where… complete corruption!!!

  33. Does the "Book" include how to flush out all of the RINOs in the house and the senate. Let's start there. The rest is just BS!

  34. So much Lies and just BS stop ..and get real

  35. Come on stop with BS there is NO DOCUMENT

  36. Why would the Dodgers do something like that ? Why anti Catholic? 😮

  37. So, the question must regrettably raised to reference to how much of the money scheme did former President Obama did know about what knew that went wrong and on his own watch as he was the acting President of the United States of America 🇺🇸!!!" WOW, WHAT A ELABERATE COVERUP FOR THE RECORD, DAMM U PEOPLE WHO ALSO KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON, ALSO,….

  38. Fake News. Vote Doug Christie 👍. He's our guy

  39. the highly credible source reported a "conversation with someone else" which doesn't constitute evidence of anything. HJe claims money changed hands so FFS show the money trail and how it incriminates Joe Biden or stop making things up. It's a good old fashioned framing exercise. What a joke. Evidence or shut up.

  40. Shame on the Democrats double standards

  41. Uncle Biden in deep doo doo!