Thursday , January 28 2021
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Don’t expect election court fights to ‘drag on’: Former federal prosecutor

Former federal prosecutor Jim Trusty on whether election disputes will end up in higher courts. #FoxBusiness

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  1. "We tolerate a lot of negligence… it's just the intentional stuff that creates the problem…"
    Trusty the clown…

  2. How many of y’all voted to boot trump but elect repub down ballot??

  3. Mr. President Trump !

    The Country stands behind you !

    The World stands behind you !

    You HAVE NOW the power to expose the fraud !

    If ONE ILEGAL vote is found how can anybody can trust the election? The election should be repeated and FEDERAL Law enforcement supervised ! That simple !

  4. Fox has been bought out. Traitors. MSM things they should, "resolve" elections.

  5. Supreme Court issued court orders to segregate the ballots and how to do so. Vote counters ignored said court orders. Election Laws were broken, Constitutional Election Laws were violated. As a patriot and proud American, i am disgusted at the fact that ALL ( regardless of how you voted ) AMERICANS should be wanting this investigated to the utmost, and thoroughly. "IF" election Laws were in fact broken on our single most important freedoms, then we need to make certain this NEVER happens again. "IF" this did in fact happen it is treason upon the American people no matter which way you voted. PERIOD.

  6. Democ’rrupt election officials cheated in order to win over our President Trump. American people have voted overwhelmingly with love and support for President Trump. If ever creepy Joe wins? On his very first day, the Senate should start impeaching Biden and his family for all the corruptions and the Democ’rrupt official for massive fraudulent ballots, must pay the price…Jail that is!

  7. Biden should be in prison

  8. There's no doubt something went very wrong

  9. Wow this guy knows nothing

  10. I bought extra ammo today. It's a shame but I can't do Democrat BS.

  11. Enough of keeping with the lie
    You can bring as much and as many ‘ experts ‘ you like but the elections has been a fraud

    The citizens of USA have spoken loud and clear and media is protecting a narrative which is not longer credible !!!

  12. This dude is a dem negative Nelly. You have to be able to prove damage?!?! How this voter theft impacted you?!?! How about it cost Trump his presidency?!?!!! Trump has been robbed. We the People have been robbed. They have to overturn this injustice!!!! We want President Trump!!! Not Beijing Biden and Kommie Kamala.

  13. Election DAY! If you didn't have your homework on time in 3rd grade you got a zero. Extra day ace.

  14. Wow, this sounds like CNN. Fox, Disney owned, has turned on President Trump like all the Republicans he helped out. Where are the Republicans that Trump was there for? They are part of the swamp too, corruption is blind too. Sad, very sad. Looks like NewsMax TV has just replaced fake Faux channel for me.

  15. Drag it on for 20yrs .President Trump we need you in the white house lock the others up until trial!

  16. Please people, don't listen to these idiots. The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES" is NOT a state position. If this was a truly STATE issue, why does the U.S. House of Representatives determine ties? Shouldn't this be some kind of a state decision?
    The States are responsible for establishing and maintaining voting procedures, that doesn't mean that the outcome of a U.S. election lacks Federal Government jurisdiction. In fact, the Presidential election requires all 50 States and the District of Columbia to complete, this makes it a Supreme Court jurisdiction issue.

  17. It sounds like these idiots missed the 2000 Bush V Gore Election. The Supreme Court ruled

  18. I’m so done with fox ! Fake news. Newsmax yes!

  19. We know the cut off day to vote. Nothing should be accepted after that.

  20. Popular votes are higher for Hilary and Biden because one person might vote many times like one can visit one website many times as one can. This is a cheatable system. Trump must reform this ill system as soon as he claims victory.

  21. Please stop the BS you know the truth…very very sad

  22. Cancel this fake election, redo it, vote in person or don't vote. Trump will win big in a fair election.

  23. If they count Jo jurgensen votes for Trump even half of them, then Trump still would easily win….. They really should jurgensen who paid them to stay in to take some votes away?
    And I'm sure they counted some for that person even if they were for Trump because it still would help Biden

  24. Time for Trump to finally act like a man and honorably admit defeat – for the good of the country.
    He's currently pitching a story – if you believe it – that has the democrats rigging the vote so they win the White House, one senate majority and lose seats in the house. He wants you to believe that we need to stop counting the votes in the states where he is currently in the lead and continue counting votes in the states where he is behind.
    Fools follow Trump and what he says.

  25. We DO NOT agree with Jim. 😡

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