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Dontrelle Willis' top 5 starting pitchers in baseball right now | MLB WHIPAROUND

Former ace, Dontrelle Willis breaks down the five pitchers he thinks are currently carving up the major leagues more than anyone else.

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Dontrelle Willis’ top 5 starting pitchers in baseball right now | MLB WHIPAROUND

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  1. Who did Dontrelle forget to put on his list?

  2. Max Scherzer not even in the top 5? Stupid

  3. Let’s keep pretending Mike Soroka doesn’t exist.

  4. no Max Scherzer? Come on D train, do better

  5. Disrespect to Kershaw is unbelievable

  6. 1. Verlander 2. Scherzer 3. DeGrom 4. Cole 5. Soroka . The Soroka disrespect is unreal simply bc the bullpen has blown 7ish possible winning decisions for him.

  7. Mark would be proud, but kevin is going in the green dumpster. And also where is mad max

  8. Whos the former player on the left?

  9. 5.Luis Castillo
    4.Hyun Jin Ryu
    3.Clayton Kershaw
    2.Jacob DeGrom
    1.Walker Buehler

  10. Imagine not including Walker Buehler lol, the streets is done.

  11. My list:
    5. Luis Castillo
    4. Hyun-Jin Ryu
    3. Max Scherzer
    2. Gerrit Cole
    1. Justin Verlander

  12. How do you leave max scherzer off the top 5

  13. I hate the National’s, but how do you not have Max Scherzer on this list. He is definitely number 1 or 2, and that is coming from a Braves fan.

  14. Verlander
    Not in order and not based on this season

  15. Pirates gave cole away for pennies 🤮🤮

  16. Kershaw and Scherzer are better than castillo

  17. Max Scherzer has proved he’s been the best for the past couple years. Disrespect is real for not putting him on this list.

  18. Scherzer is better than all these people

  19. 5. Kershaw
    4. deGrom
    3. Ryu
    2. Cole
    1. Verlander

    5 could be Grienke as well or if Castillo or gray era go down

  20. You cannot convince me that Justin Verlander isn’t on steroids. I hope he wins the CY young because than it’s gonna click in everyone’s mind that he should be waaaay past his prime right now and never broke down after all the innings deep into October he pitched. Look what happened to chris Sale because of all the pitches over the last 4 years playing in October. It’s supposed to wear on you. I smell a fraud!!!!

  21. It's amazing people don't really acknowledge how good strasburg really is. The man is a monster and can't even get a spot on the list smfh

  22. my top 5
    1. Scherzer
    2. Kershaw
    3. Verlander
    4. Degrom
    5. Kluber

  23. Number 1 Jacob degrom. His defense sucks and he gets no run support. Now imagine he got the defense and run support like those other guys above

  24. Joke of a list, no Mike Soroka, no Max Scherzer

  25. Yeah, you better mention La Piedra

  26. 1. Max scherzer
    2. Jacob DeGrom
    3. Clayton Kershaw
    4. Justin Verlander
    5. Gerrit Cole

  27. Kershaw Verlander Scherzer Cole DeGrom

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