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Dorian devastates the Bahamas and Brexit angst: World in Photos, Sept. 4

A look at the top photos from around the globe.


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  1. Hi the creation of storm use tactics to avoid its place moved to other country ripping place people the life to

  2. Mother Natures way of cleansing the earth!!

  3. There's a lot of evil getting punished in there places.

  4. oh my god ,god bless everyone up there for real

  5. People are born there and have families. They can't just move away. Someone's gonna live there, or in tornado alley, earthquake prone areas, etc. Have a little empathy.

  6. I’ll just stay in the Canadian Shield where NO natural disasters happen…

  7. I have to say…if you do not want to be in the path of a hurricane..then do not live in the areas where they are prone to them..and if you happen to go through one and survive..then thank god you did. I so tired of ppl crying and complaing on National TV about hurricane season. We go through it every year. Move if you do not want to deal with a big ass windy thunderstrom…June 1st through Nov 30 th..Hurricane season..if ya all did not know that..

  8. Hurricanes every single year…why?

  9. Hard to believe no one knows these are weaponized storms

  10. Florida should pay the Bahamas. That's what Miami & Palm Beach & the entire east would have looked like without the Bahamas.

  11. Plenty of money. Get it fixed. Stop!!!!! Begging. Criminal.

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