Friday , January 21 2022
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Dorian may hit Florida as Category 4 hurricane | USA TODAY

Hurricane Dorian is expected to gain considerable strength as it barrels toward Florida.


The latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center said Dorian is expected to reach Category 4 strength as it approaches Florida: “Dorian is forecast to become a dangerous major hurricane later and maintain that status as it heads for the northwestern Bahamas and the Florida peninsula.”

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  1. May God keep the people of Florida safe

  2. This hurricane doesn't seem strange to anyone the hurricane is going to sit on Florida for 4 days?? That doesn't seem normal to me

  3. Let's hope it dont become a category 5 😭😭😭😭

  4. Hey northerns stop moving to Florida then freak out every time s hurricane comes

  5. All costs are a waist of tax payers money. If you live there you know this crap happens.

  6. The labor day hurricane,it will go down in history get your need help signs ready

  7. The only storms theyve ever gotten right to hit Florida in the last 25 years have been Andrew and Wilma and Charley. Thats it.

  8. They did the same thing with Irma. Said it was going to demolish Tampa and the west coast of Florida but it ended up weakening over Cuba and never gained the strength back before it hit the west coast of Florida near Appalachicola. SMDH and they did the same thing with Matthew saying it was going to Screw Up Jacksonville but it ended up going up into North Carolina as a weak storm.

  9. I really hate it when they hype these storms up especially off the coast of Florida and they end up making a jog to the east and then the people of the state say there was no reason to hype it up so much in the first place. NOW they are saying it might stay off the coast of Florida. I think its probably just gonna ride the coast and the coast will be on the left hand side which is not the worst side. They get on my nerves hyping these things up and then it does something totally different than what they were expecting it to do. NOW they are saying it might not even hit the coast. It might take a jog to the right missing the coast completely which would be good for the larger cities in Florida. It might end up in Georgia South Carolina or North Carolina

  10. Can we get a f in the caht for Florida

  11. Mar A Lago….destroyed by Dorian….God’s wrath on Trump

  12. Grab your home insurance policy, leave your spouse so have life insurance policy with you, grab the beer, the dog and haul butt.

  13. I'd should have moved away from Florida to Toronto, or 🗽, or Vancouver.

  14. Looks like its going to hit Donald Trumps playground Palm Beach County. I wonder how he is going to handle it when some of his properties are OBLITERATED. Palm Beach County hasn't had a direct hit with a terrible hurricane since the Lake Okechobeee Storm of the 1920s

  15. How did USA grab this weatherman? Actually, the question is how did CBS, ABC, NBC, the 2 Weather Channel’s didn’t grab this guy? He is good!

  16. I finally found batteries for my toy and some lube and wine. bring it on tactical assault hurricane

  17. I’m in Deerfield so Monday is time

  18. It's going to stay off shore and head up the coast. Stop scarring everyone Dum Dums. Euro model says so

  19. Dorian doesn't celebrate Labor Day. Dorian is Labor Day.

  20. This is so good. Would be another best experience.

  21. Yes! And if he/she does in fact keep that prediction and becomes a cat4 it would then be the most dangerous hurricane to ever strike FL's Eastern coast since Andrew in 92!!!

  22. Mar-a-Lago is ground zero. Its a sign.

  23. Well we hope it misses the keys because that poor Jimmy Johnson has been through enough already

  24. 🌀🌀🌀🤦‍♂️🙏🙏🙏

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