Tuesday , August 3 2021
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Dorian Passes Charleston, Flooding And Power Outages Major Concern | NBC News

Hurricane Dorian is crawling up the Carolina coast, passing Charleston, SC, as a Category 2 storm. NBC News’ Kathy Park reports from there, warning that flooding and power outages are still a major concern.
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Dorian Passes Charleston, Flooding And Power Outages Major Concern | NBC News


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  2. Thumbnail is an asian woman with the hand gesture.

  3. What happened to the full news uploads

  4. What happens to the People non of them accounted com on all devastation and 20 dead only? and all fo Island leveled to the ground.

  5. I guess Florida Man scared off Dorian

  6. Predict hurricanes 6 either this year or next year just a matter of time with global warming

  7. Al you off trump said it was in Alabama 😆😆😆😆 remember he knows everything 😆😆😆

  8. The insurance will pay for it!

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  10. Weather reporters would make good movie actors as they act very dramatic when reporting seen them jumping in the Ocean yesterday knee deep fear mungering as usual

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  12. When you want to know……….
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  13. Dorian is even spawning 🌪 ! so keep an 👀 on the sky.

  14. So no one's going to comment on why that red Jeep Grand Cherokee is just in the water in unsafe conditions

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  17. Alabama, run for your life. By order of the Chosen One, yet, a puppet of Putin.

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    Take him out
    One way or anothet

  19. What happened to florida getting hit with a 5 peace chicken wing with extra sauce on the side the news be doing to much 😆

  20. It's going to hit land…that's for sure. I BELIEVE CANADA will feel this devil storm. Hope all is safe.☹.

  21. Trump is like hurricane Dorian. It's slow moving, fully bloated, destroys everything in its path, and everyone will be happy when it's gone! Stay strong people. Praying…

  22. The "End Of The World" theme music is classic. Never change.

  23. Removing the people from the Coastlines !

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