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Dorian: Woman carries dogs through high water | USA TODAY

Dorian slams Bahamas forcing woman with dogs to wade chest-hide waters to get to safety
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In Freeport, Bahamas people were carrying their pets while others tried to get to higher ground as Hurricane Dorian pummeled the island.

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  1. To bad your government doesn't give a shit about the American people, if it did it would spend some of the American peoples tax dollar it's stolen for warmongering around the globe on protecting and assisting the people during these natural disasters

  2. Struggling and camera guy no help atall smfh

  3. Yep carried her dogs through the water while a dipshit filmed her and didn’t help

  4. I don’t understand people, who is recording during a hurricane, put the damn phones away and help each other get to safely and stop trying to bank off bad situations!🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. Let's rewrite that caption:..
    Stupid woman who refuse to evacuate has to swim out with her two dogs…

  6. Trump probably wouldve had those dogs carry him.

  7. Thats what happens to areas already technically below sea level.

  8. This woman is going to heaven alright.

  9. You are a good woman, God bless you and your companions🐾❤

  10. good she need them for food .

  11. In tough times like this it’s honestly hard to no what to say but karma go u way so sad 😞 what’s happening ✊💞x

  12. I would’ve done the same

  13. God bless u horrible horrible ✌🏻💕

  14. Poor thing. All she has left are her two babies. My heart cries for her…..😧

  15. My Dog's I will
    ❤ MISS💜 YOU! ❤
    Not seen them since 3 months in my Granny's house.

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