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Dow plunges 800 points amid growing recession fears | ABC News

Wall Street is reeling as investors appear to be rattled by an escalating trade war with China and fears of a slowing global economy.

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  1. Just remember – brokers make commissions whether you sell or buy and they will do everything to make themselves rich at YOUR expense.

  2. Enslaving the people , thats why they destroyed all the mom and pop business and local stores and replaced them with mega corporation , before that this meant almost nothing .
    They didn't have total financial control of the people in the USA before that . That's why NYC always does better when the rest of the country goes to shit , strong local business on every level. And why many third world countries although poor ,even the poorest have houses , food , water and electricity and don't live in the street..
    But they don't get the international huge loans first world countries get because they don't sell their people out, no bars and freedom maybe better than a bird in a cage with bars of gold .

  3. This is what happens when you have someone that has never ever worried about running out of money in charge he can wait this out and it won't hurt

  4. "Daddy!…. The Dow plunged up today" ….Scary Honey

  5. When economy is doing well :thanks obama

    When economy is not doing well :thanks trump

  6. After watching this, I fully believe that ABC Would love nothing more than to cause a marked collapse.

  7. On election night 2016 late in to the night Rebecca Jarvis reported that the economy was already showing clear signs of declining after Trump's victory! I shit you not & if you don't believe me look it up! ABC & that bubble head Rebecca are full of crap.
    Oh guess where Jarvis received her huge break…. On Trump's apprentice! Ungrateful little snot rag!

  8. Imagine how bad it would be if that corrupt witch Hillary had won in 2016. Hashtag Bill flew on Epstiens pedo airplane 26 times. Often without his Secret Service guards.

  9. Some serious number manipulation goung on.

  10. My God I swear… Economy does fine "must be Obama" does bad "Trump" gets better than the last 50 years "Obamas policies" bad again "Trump"

    Pick a fucking lane liberals. When it does good again I'm guessing its all obamas policies which totally took fucking years to implement right? Fucking retards.

  11. Secular talk predicted this the crash is coming Trump failed America

  12. Down goes President Obama's economy. Trump has been bankrupt 6 times now the U.S.

  13. Democrats borrowed 16 trillion dollars and haven't payed one penny back also democrats talk about how bad big banks are then bailed them out during the recession hypocritical a bit much time to pay back the money you borrowed democrats having fun being poor and giving free health care to illegals 🤣😂🙃

  14. 🤣😆😆 Donald Trump and his band of retards will blame Obama.

  15. We just got out of a recession…

  16. Whatever. This always happens… stupid news bullshit. It's what the stock market always does.

  17. what goes down ( like Stormy Daniels ) Must go Up ! 😁😁

  18. F%CK BIG BANKS !💪🇺🇸

  19. Dagnabbit, how we gonna get Mexico to pay for the wall now daddy trump?

  20. Ahhhh greatness again 😎

  21. ABC. Are you protecting a pedophile? Reports are there are BIG ANCHORS at ABC who are in Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book. They have been out for WEEKS. Now 5 days ago literally thousands of names and numbers were publicly released. Since no one else will ask: What is the response to these reports? I know there are others like me affected by Pedophelia for a LIFETIME and we want a public ANSWER

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