Sunday , January 23 2022
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Dow plunges 800 points amid recession fears

FOX Business’ Deirdre Bolton on the major decline in the Dow Jones industrial average.

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  1. has a dream yesterday of dow at 9000. red everywhere. but im not invested haha . will buy the dip though

  2. Here's the story bout Jelly Man Kelly, he loves jelly the most , yeah, but most of all, Jelly Man Kelly loves jelly on toast

  3. Have we lost our mind????? That it is even above 21,000 is astounding….this cannot continue….the big drop is going to be more like 'down to 19,500', soon…that's the drop to expect…a big reason I am in cash right now


  5. Trumps putting the world into a recession.

  6. I thought businesses would expand because of the tax breaks? According to Fox business was booming and creating jobs. What did they do with all the money we gave them?

  7. Keep falling, I want it to CRASH! Thanks TRUMP. Oh wait, you STILL ARE NOT MAN ENOUGH, to take responsibilty for this. Its the blame game!!!!!!!!!! LOL Of course even YOU are saying its all lies and everything doing great! 🙂 Loving every Moment of this!

  8. So much winning going on huh Mr. President?

  9. Wonder if the Socialist Democrats will keep saying Trump inherited Obama’s Economy?

  10. no wall is gonna protect us from a recession….

  11. Just a month ago the trumpets were ecstatic over Trump's strong economy, now that his whacky china trade policy has tanked the economy, they pretend Trump isn't burning down the house.

  12. USA has a poTUs that gave billions in tax cuts to the super wealthy …. And he is Republikkkan ….recession is the middle name of all Republican residents …. didn't we ALL expect this ?….I did

  13. China owns United States….point blank period

  14. i read this coment ( THE AVERAGE DOW JONES IS STILL UP OVER 7000 POINTS SINCE TRUMP TOOK OFFICE EVEN WITH THESE RECENT LOSSES) wich is istill very outstanding….and extraordinary ,,,,,,,,,this is correct and the only informed coment i read here

  15. But but but what about Hillary's e-mails, what about the dude that was potus b4 me?

  16. what's happening in hong Kong will be here within 2 yrs or sooner if America wakes up to what the Fed has been doing to us and all the bankers the last 40 or so years

  17. China is our competetior, so Trump placed tariffs on their products. Couldn't we just give the mexican immigrants that want to come to the USA those jobs that the Chinese have been doing for cheap? I mean China isn't the only one who can do cheap labor.

  18. maga-hatters will support him no matter what. they admit that, even.

  19. The US as we know it is over. Hope Trumps semen tasted good cuz thats all ur gonna be left with when all is said and done.

  20. Trump will say "its great we're the best" as hes boarding another helicopter to go golfing. Republicans are cocksucking stooges like hank hill does to strickland

  21. tRUMP won't own this, he'll just blame it on someone else like he always does.

  22. Recession fears? What recession? I'm sure it's all Trump's fault. This isn't the first time the Dow plunged recently. It goes up and down but always comes back.

  23. Market manipulating Fascist Republicans stealing retirees money… gotta make them Corporate buybacks cheaper for the Fascists in Chief

  24. A white average man and a billionaire walk into a bar they see this news average middle class goes IDGAF getrrrrrrrr done, Billionaire calls Trump on speed dial Dudeee Where is my Money???? Trump…… Got emmmmm 😆

    OXYMORON NO normal human talks like that king of Tarrif wars All the morons voted him and thought he will make them rich perhaps didn't learn about his bankruptcy and failed businesses. BIGLY

  26. I guess we won so much we got all tired of winning lol.

  27. Trump owns top 5 worst Dow crashes in history. Own it, Trumpsheep.

  28. Dow sets record high: Trump brags
    Dow sets record one day drop: Trump says nothing (wait, I thought he "tells it like it is"?)

  29. Trump voters don't care they still want 4 more yrs… who cares if we have another great depression!

  30. Republican presidents and their recessions.
    I’m waiting for all the climate change deniers to start denying the oncoming recession.

  31. Where's all the Trumptards bragging about their 401K's? lol


  33. wait wait wait!!! i thought trump said the economy was the best its ever been…. what happened why might there be a recession with the best economy? hahaha trump is a joke we all know he lied about the economy this trade war is no go for anyone…. why is it clinton left with a national surplus and a booming economy, bush left his presidency in a recession, obama left pretty much recovered from bushes economy… and now trump might have a recession? why cant republicans ever improve the economy, does this mean tax cuts for the rich are not good for the economy… if only someone woulda known this wait every democrat said this would happen….

  34. This is what you get when you confuse a the businessman character Trump played on the apprentice, for an actual serious businessman.

    The Trump Organization is not a great business Its a collection of golf courses and hotels. Trump wasn exactly running Amazon, Google or JP Morgan, he was running the family business he inherited form his father.

  35. Trump has crashed everything he has ever run, this sucks so bad, Obama didn't make a mess like this!

  36. Dow will test the 2018 low. Again and post August 26 it will rise cheers. Gann charts don't lie

  37. What do you people expect? You raise everything so high, No one else can live but you🙃😤😔. Make the world a better place for all, not just the rich! I hope it keep dropping, you all need a good wake up call😔😝🙃. Poor people are the ones who make the world go round, keep pushing us out with all your antics and watch😂🤣…there is a GOD! He put us ALL here to live together😉!

  38. Why does this lady look so happy with such a big dump?

  39. Thanks Trump, thanks for nothing !

  40. Not to worry…Trump will find someone else to blame ! Hahahaaa ! Obama's fault ?

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